DiRT Rally PSVR Update Available Now as Standalone DLC

DiRT Rally‘s PSVR Update is now available on PS4, Codemasters has announced.

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2676d ago
TheRacingX2676d ago

Was going to get this when it was $19, forgot about it, now its back up in price and I HAVE to get it now for VR....DAMN

IamTylerDurden12675d ago

Same here, idk why ppl are sleeping on this? This is RE7 status. A great AAA game fully playable on psvr AND with PS4 Pro support. It's pretty reasonably priced atm. It's $37 and you can play the full game with or without VR, plus it comes with 3 dlc packs.

Aenea2675d ago

I bought the base game on PSN store when it was €19.99 after hearing they would add PSVR support. Grabbed the VR upgrade yesterday for €12.99 and it's fantastic!

(also bought a Thrustmaster T150 and a wheel stand past week, makes it even better!!)


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Silver_ShadoWolf409d ago

I guess the only question here is… why does this exist?