Mega Man 9 screenshot overload

Capcom has sent out the last huge batch of new Mega Man 9 screens before the game's WiiWare release on Monday. The PSN version will hit on Sept.25 and XBLA version on Oct.1.

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LinuxGuru4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Are you serious?

I know megaman has pixelated roots, but dear god, advance a little please!

Touch up the title a little...add a few extra pixels lol

Oh sorry....the Wii couldn't handle that.


ChickeyCantor4070d ago

PS360 are getting it too, so they can't handle it either?
(The PSN version will hit on Sept.25 and XBLA version on Oct.1. )

You like so many others are missing the point of this game, if you are asking for an overhaul then you really really missed the f*cking point.

You guys become more and more spamtastic in the wii boards, f hell.

LinuxGuru4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Dude, take some valium and go look at the stars.

Someone took their serious pills today.


And, uh...this isn't a "Wii board". This is a multi-plat category article.

Take your Wiimote outta your ass,'s makin you walk funny.

ChickeyCantor4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I know its multiplat, but yet you only picked out the Wii.
That Wii coudn't handle better gfx, while infact this is a multi-plat article right? so why not bash the PS360 allong with it?
Nice way to contradict yourself.
Funny you noticed my walk, interested much?

Since you were bashing the Wii only, i only refered to how people bash the Wii for the most lamest things.

Internet serious bizz right? then don't be so serious yourself.

Radiodread4070d ago

its an arcade game, fight over something worth fighting over. Like money or chicks