PSVR Support for Dirt Rally is out now

Just when you thought Codemasters brilliant off-road racer could not get any better, it just did.

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freshslicepizza2684d ago

its not free though, its $10 and its not even for the entire game is it? why is that when on the pc you get full oculus support for the entire game and no additional cost?

ApocalypseShadow2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Moving goal posts I see. https://i.makeagif.com/medi...

**and its not even for the entire game is it? **

Why don't you get your facts straight before commenting. The video tells you.

The company put in work to make the entire game playable in VR. You always say "how come it's just side modes and not the full game." Now, you make excuses about some PC games getting free updates. Some VR modes like for bound were free. Some you have to purchase like this. It's a developer's decision. Star wars VR was given free. But that was EA trying to get those on the fence to buy battlefront and increase their sales. Not from kindness. The money used to create the VR mission add on is way less than what they'll make from dlc and the game sales.

If they put in more work, the developer does deserve some compensation don't you think? But what do I know. I have PSVR. You don't. Or any VR unit.

freshslicepizza2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

i was going by this article,

"Now the PS4 version of Dirt Rally has received VR support, adding to an already big game. Fans get six full rally locations, three rally cross events and the Pike’s Peak hill climb, alongside vehicles from every era dating back to the sixties."

is that the entire game and what are you talking about moving goal posts? is the pc vr update free or not?

SlappingOysters2683d ago

Well that's everything together. You wouldn't get all that for $10

endi1232683d ago

Defense force activated

ApocalypseShadow2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Again...... Some developers will offer it for free. Some will ask extra because the games may have shipped like this one without VR. It's a developers decision. The full game with VR is $39. That's a decent price for a quality, highly reviewed rally game.

RE7 has VR. Capcom didn't ask for $10 extra. It's a built in feature. The hustle kings developers asked for $10 which was a load of crap. Hustle kings is a fun and great looking pool game. But, anyone that buys that VR add on will be ripped off because they did nothing extra for the game. Sports bar VR destroys it.

The developer makes the decision. Doesn't mean we have to buy it. But in this case, it's worth it as they spent more time to make the game work in VR.

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Aenea2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Plenty of DLC that are more expensive out there! I'm okay with it, I bought the game when it was on discount and just grabbed the DLC yesterday and it looks and plays rather amazing!

And yes, it's the ENTIRE fricking game that's playable in PSVR! You just enable PSVR and the game stays the exact same, except in VR...

freshslicepizza2683d ago

thats cool, nice to see and yes the game is great.

2683d ago
Chaos_Order2683d ago

No thanks. I'd rather not have a heart attack. XD

ApocalypseShadow2683d ago

Don't worry. You won't drive off a cliff.... I think. Lol

Aenea2683d ago

Bwahahahahahahaha, you're wrong!

Doesn't let you go all the way down tho, thankfully! But driving over the side and seeing the depths beneath, YIKES!

nowitzki20042683d ago

Very wrong, You will drive off cliffs a lot.. If you are trying to win that is.

bunt-custardly2683d ago

This was actually pretty decent on PC and a real roller coaster style experience. The only thing letting it down was the visuals.

AuraAbjure2683d ago

Were the visuals really that bad? How bad could they be?

Aenea2683d ago

VR headsets at the moment basically have half the regular resolution per eye. For instance PSVR is a full 1080p screen, but divided over 2 eyes so you get half that per eye.

Even tho Rift and Vive have a slightly bigger screen pixel wise, per eye it's still lower than 1080p and it's closer to your eyes as well.

Can't wait until VR headsets are affordable that have 2 4k screens inside, 1 per eye!


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Silver_ShadoWolf417d ago

I guess the only question here is… why does this exist?