Nintendo Makes "Top 100 Brands" List

Kotaku Tells:
Every year, market researchers Interbrand publish a little chart. Amongst marketing types, it's very important. They compile what they believe are the top 100 "hottest" brands in the world, and rank them in order of, well, "hotness". Any and all brand names are eligible, so the top of the list is dominated by names like Coke, IBM, Microsoft McDonalds. But cast your eyes down the list to #40 and you'll see little old Nintendo. No doubt thanks to the continued success of the Wii and DS, the Osaka company moved up four places from the 2007 list, one spot behind Kellogs and one spot ahead of...Swiss financial services firm UBS. They're the only games-specific "brand" to make the list; both Sony (#25) and Microsoft (#3) are present, but they're of course there primarily for other stuff.

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Time Lord4080d ago

should be (IMO)and am not saying this because of the PS3 but as overall brand.

kittoo4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I disagree with so many of them. I thought IBM and MS were way high.
And Sony is behind HP, Gillette, Cisco, H&M and Oracle???????? Lets see, MS has what- Windows, Zune and Xbox? And Sony- Vaio, PlayStation, Handycam, Hi-fi, Xplod, Bravia, Sony Ericsson, Wega, Columbia Tristar, MGM, Blu-Ray and something I might have missed.
And Ferrarri and Visa in 90s?????????

Time Lord4080d ago

Vista- Flopped

Zune- isn't Ipod killer.

Xbox- Good gaming system but poor hardware system.

Now why are they in number 3?

Panthers4080d ago

This is just some stupid opinion list

TheColbertinator4080d ago

Sony is recognized for Bravia

Microsoft is recognized for Windows

Nintendo is recognized for Mario

kittoo4080d ago

Bravia, PlayStation, Handycam, Sony Ericsson, Vaio and a lot more.


"Now why are they in number 3? "

- Probably because a massive majority of the world use their operating systems - Windows is huge,also Office etc.

TheDesperado4079d ago

Nointegritaku gets it wrong again. Playstation WAS Sony up until PS3, where their other sectors began succeeding (Cybershot, Bravia etc)
Dumb f*cking Kotaku. They need a swift kick to the head like Vook (from Australia).