D-BOX Possibly Coming to PS3, Xbox 360

HDR has received word D-BOX Motion might be coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 games, and also has a new promo video showing what D-BOX can do.

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Forbidden_Darkness4079d ago

ZoMG! I wanna feel all the vibrations and motions too!

fafoon4078d ago

An Xploding Xbox would fell like in that Chair

ZmokeR4078d ago

i would feel like a nerd if i was in my home playing gt5 against them in my char and they are in the sofa, and they see me jumping around and tilting around in my chair 4 like 2000eu.

I mean first of all, how expensive will those chairs be?
I don't think the ordinary dave in his little gaming room at home have the money or the will to by or search up this chars.
If they started to sell them at El-giganten or IKea is one thing but we can forget that.

And second of all, i more like to be in the sofa with my girlfriend, spooning here while watching a movie , then sit up strait and be rdy 4 every little "ride" the sofa gives us..

I call this BS big times, in a movie theater,, well that is awesome, because then its a sign that movie theaters are also taking the step into the next gen. But at home? hahahah no way.

aiphanes4078d ago

Its about the full experience....the ordinary person does nto even have a HDTV or bluray!

I checked out the Dbox looks like they have a lot of support, its in all the new blurays...and they now have theatre support too. The PS3 and xbox 360 support is just the next logical step. Start saving up..the PS4 and Xbox 720 will have Dbox support built in...along with bluray.....yeah I said it..

TheMurderer4078d ago

This thing is to friggin' expensive. 5,000 for a single chair, and 3,000 for the control box? If I made this outrageous purchase, then I couldn't watch movies or play games with friends because it would be like they were being left out. It's kind of bullshit. Rich people toys can SUCK IT.

I like the movie theater concept though. As long as ticket prices don't get TOO much higher.