GameSpy: 2008 Xbox 360 Fall Preview

GameSpy writes: "Has it really been three years since the Xbox 360 was released? Microsoft's second console has had a couple of strong holiday seasons, and while this year's crop of titles may not be quite as strong as last year's (mainly due to the absence of a certain helmet-clad super soldier), there are still a lot of big exclusives. High-profile sequels like Gears of War 2 and Fable II rule the proverbial roost, but there are some promising new third-party titles in the mix, including EA's Dead Space and Valve's Left 4 Dead. In an attempt to help you better plan your holiday season, we've compiled a list of some of the Xbox 360's biggest games for your reading (and viewing!) pleasure".

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nbsmatambo4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

sorry to say this but:

a) MS has a few exclusives this fall, and we all know most of them aren't that good

b) Only good ones i see are Fable, Left4Dead and GeOw2

c) The recent price cut will help keep MS from being blown out of the water by Nintendo and Sony

d) The game Lips is a total rip of of SingStar (im sure most of you knew that)

e) Multiplat games for PS3 are slowly surpassing the 360 as more devs use the PS3 as the first choice then port over to other platforms (Burnout was lead on PS3, Mirrors Edge is also lead on PS3, both games were great on both consoles though most people said the PS3 had a slight edge)

f) I see few RPG's so this might mean that the PS3 will get most of the RPG crowd in Japan with White Knigh Chronicles, Valkarie Chronicles being released, which will also mean no more 3k + weeks for 360 in Japan...

dericb114070d ago

Yeah its a pretty dry holiday season as far as exclusives goes. They also have Banjo and Kazooie but I really dont think it will do to much.

Fox014070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

... Written all over your post.

With a 2008 Lineup of Ninja Gaiden 2, Tales of Vesperia, Too Human, Infinite Undiscovery, Left4dead, Fable 2, Gears Of war 2 Banjo and Kazooie, Fallout 3 and it's exclusive DLC, GTA 4 and it's exclusive DLC + The XBLA games Like Braid, Castle Crashers... and I could go on.

Sony as released only one good games this year, and that's Metal Gear Solid 4, that's why they're releasing as much game as they can this fall. Coz at the moment, their 2008 library of games is even weaker than the Wiis, which is more than pathetic.

Microsoft's strategy is really smart coz this fall, their games won't compete against each other. All those that like FPS/TPS will pick Gears, and the others will pick Fable, or even both, so we'll see huge sales for both games this fall
They've been realeasing games steadily through out the year and that's ace.

Blademask4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )


Otherwise you wouldn't list games that have already been released yes?

With a 2008 Lineup of:
Ninja Gaiden 2 -Flop not coming out in fall
Tales of Vesperia -Flop not coming out in fall
Too Human -Flop not coming out in fall
infinite Undiscovery -Flop not coming out in fall

Left4dead -Good\Multiplat due out in fall
Fable 2 -Good due out in fall
Gears Of war 2 - Good due out in fall
Banjo and Kazooie - No one is going to buy this game at all. Maybe for the bargain bin price though of a whopping $39.99.

Fallout 3 -Multiplat. Don't you guys understand what a MULTIPLATFORM game is???? As GTA4 sales have shown. DLC doesn't move consoles. MGS4 does.

Braid Already Out. Good Game
Castle Crashers -Flop

And yes, please go on about Lips/InTheMovies/Sceneit. Because thats the entire list. Because you just completely owned yourself by trying to talk about the fall lineup. You are joking yourself if you think MS has as good of a lineup as last year. Last years lineup was to die for. The only good ACTUAL games are Gears2 and Fable2.

So your entire list is full of flops and 2 games. Nice.


WIIIS14070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

When dealing with Sony's pedantic fans, you have to be precise in what you say. They're only concerned about games coming out in fall. So it is irrelevant that PS3 was a flop this month, and last month, and the month before, and in January, February, March, April and May 2008 whereas 360 had great games throughout the year. Next month, which is the only month that Sony fans come out of hibernation, Sony might get one great game and 2 mediocre games. Compared to Fable 2, Gears 2, Banjo (already predicted to suffer the same plight as MGS4 being in the bargain bins), Left4Dead, Sony is of course still better this fall... because they say so.

From the above, is it not clear now why 2008 belongs to PS3?

Firstkn1ghT4069d ago Show
nbsmatambo4069d ago

i may only have 1 console (PS3) but im not blind...

i know when SONY messes up and i point that out..

i know when MS messes up and i point that out..

SONY just has better games this fall, MS had better games last fall

and @ WIIIS1 & Fox01 this article is only about fall games -.-, so mayb u should read the tittle b4 u post.. (btw its "GameSpy: 2008 Xbox 360 Fall Preview")


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peowpeow4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Hmmm.. so many games coming out..i need another job =[

Freezingduck4070d ago

The only game is Gears2, other than that, PS3 exclusives are where my heart is

peowpeow4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

And that's why i need another job. To buy a ps3 xD, although my xbox will (hopefully) keep me busy til then.

Game on!..soon! xD

----------Nona------4070d ago

Move along,only a flop to see here

NMC20074070d ago

What made you Sony fans click on this news story and post your anti xbox bullshit? Please enlighten me because I want to know your motivation, I am guessing it's your jealousy but you tell me.

4070d ago
nbsmatambo4069d ago

we r just returning the favor =p

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