GameTrailers: Dead Space Preview

GameTrailers writes: "Prepare yourself for the horrors of outer space."

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jidery4077d ago

Ok i like the looks of this game, reminds me of a doom, but a lot more elements that would make it, scary.

Having no HUD was a smart idea, it makes it feel more dark than having that glowing hud in that corner.

This is defenetly that game you want to play in the dark to get the full effect.

So far im not sure if i like the idea of customizable guns, most games that had them made the game so much more complicated, and the gun customizations made the guns overpowerd, and making you allways use the gun that is upgraded.

So far looking good, the main facter now is how smart the AI is and how the AI pop out on you suprisoningly, those are what make a horror. IF the AI can scare you then its a horror

Also another thing they need to look at is how long it is, it needs a decent length because i has no multiplayer

BigBaehr4077d ago

This game is gettin' no love, but it looks awesome.

jidery4077d ago

Its hard for new series to get in not cause of all the hype on the old games.