Xbox Going Big for E3 2017

There's excitement and hype bubbling after a mysterious tweet from Xbox saying that they're presentation is going to be BIG.

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Automatic792181d ago

New Console, new games. Exciting times ahead.

KingKionic 2181d ago

Lord phil will be coming on stage with such swagger to the scorpio reveal. Ahhhh what time to be alive. Spoils to be enjoy. some will be shed.

2181d ago
1Victor2181d ago

Now will those tears will be of laughter, madness or joy I hope for the later but finally we will know for sure what Scorpio is capable of doing and hopefully there'll be some exciting games that'll take full advantage of it and not be dragged down by the other systems that are out now

RpgSama2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

What are they going to say? "wait for our E3 presentation!! It's going to SUCK!!", they have to say it's going to be BIG, and it also needs to, it's E3! and they are going to introduce a new console on top of having at least one hour to show us stuff.

ULTp0ltergeist2181d ago

Potentially a game of his choice after killing off the the last bit of the Mattrick era.

FinalFantasyFanatic2181d ago

They better announce some games, their release list for the year is looking pretty bare.

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PistolsAtDawn2181d ago

Look at the fear with your downvotes....heaven forbid you are excited about gaming. What gamer would be afraid of multiple gaming companies offering great things? company succeding does not mean the other failed. So many fanboys here.

Ceaser98573612181d ago

Need a good reason to buy Scorpio.. Good luck MS. Here's hoping they show something appealing since Sony gonna bombard exclusives and gameplays this E32017... Cant wait...

XanderZane2180d ago

I hope they drop some serious BOMBS this E3. I'm not just talking about games, but acquiring some serious 1st party companies. Time to spend those billions.

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threefootwang2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

There's definitely some mystery surrounding MS's E3 this year. Looking forward to seeing what they have to say. Wouldn't mind going back to the Xbox world either, I certainly enjoyed it more over my time with PS3&4.

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Tankbusta402181d ago

Xbox NEEDs so badly to get new Ips its insane. I cannot believe the thinking at the top. They are almost as screwy as Nintendo, but backwards. They make modern machines with little first party support where Nintendo makes outdated gimmicks but has the 1st party titles

FloydianAndroid2181d ago

well said....I agree completely. The hardware and functionality is great but ips are lacking. I would love to see a Halo 6 debut with the scorpio.

DeadlyOreo2181d ago

You say IPs are lacking, and then go on to say you would love to see Halo 6 debut with the Scorpio.

This is the problem.

FloydianAndroid2181d ago

i want new ips as well but it make sense for the flagship franchise to be there art scorpio at launch.

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Lennoxb632181d ago

There's not as much money and dedication going into the Xbox brand because it's not their big money maker. For Sony. It's either make games, or cease to exist. So I could see why Sony are working harder. I do agree that Xbox/MS need more games though.

Bronxs152181d ago

MS should buy NINTENDO. problem solved. great hardware meet great software!

TheCommentator2181d ago

Chocolate and Peanut Butter!

rainslacker2181d ago

I doubt they could get the investors to do that. Nintendo is worth quite a bit of money, and they aren't actually for sale.

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Gr8saiyaman882181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

So this is what the comments section of a positive Xbox piece looks like before the PS4G crowd arrives to down vote anything that isn't "PS4 rulz, X$ drulz" : )

2181d ago
Rude-ro2181d ago

Yes. And it was the PS4 crowd that made them lose their market share too!
Not their lack of software and repetitive titles :/

CaptainObvious8782181d ago

Well you xbox guys refuse to hold MS accountable for their abysmal exclusive list (sorry, console exclusive list since everything will be available on PC as well) so someone has to.

BlakHavoc2181d ago

Come on MS, give me a reason to buy a Scorpio. Hopefully we'll see plenty of new games.

PANDAB2181d ago

For me, if MS comes out and say that all mods will be supported and the user will be free to install whatever they want (like a pc), then I will be in.

DeadlyOreo2181d ago

What good are mods with no games? Come on.

Bronxs152181d ago

i think there may be a hardware feature that every xbox one game before is now 60fps / 1080p