Nexon: Coke promotion led to one third of Korea playing our game writes: "A partnership between Nexon and Coca-Cola for the Korean market, in which the online publisher's title KartRider was promoted with cans of Coke, saw around a third of the Korean population, about 16 million people, sign up to play the casual racing title - while at the same time Coke sales also rocketed in the product's most successful Korean marketing campaign ever.

Those results, revealed by Nexon CEO Joonmo Kwon in his keynote session at this year's Games Convention Asia, demonstrated not just the extent to which the Korean population is open to playing online games, but also how finding the right products can yield amazing results.

"It's for a mass audience, very easy, and not so addictive," he explained of the game, also linking the fact that the large female population that was drawn to the game had a knock-on effect in bringing a huge male audience into the title as well."

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Megaton4070d ago

Kart Rider was actually kinda fun. Played the beta awhile ago.