1UP: Pajama Sam Don't Fear the Dark Review

1UP writes: "The Wii can always use a good old-school point-and-click adventure, but who would've guessed we'd see one starring a pajama-clad child hero? Pajama Sam: Don't Fear the Dark is the story of Sam, a little boy frightened by the darkness that lurks in his closet. You'll assume the role of Sam as he dons the outfit of his favorite superhero -- Pajama Man -- and enter the fantasy world in his wardrobe on a quest to imprison darkness in his lunchbox. I mean, his portable bad-guy containment unit.

Though originally designed for the PC, Pajama Sam controls nicely with the Wii Remote -- the standard mouse pointer changes color over clickable objects as the controller vibrates lightly. Aside from the slightly tricky maneuvering of the cursor needed at the bottom of the screen to access your inventory, kids and grownups will find it easy to point at and interact with the objects in the environment. And with such an absurd number of noisemaking, animated doodads onscreen at any time, that's a very important thing."

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