[VC] How to Survive 2 - The craft-for-your-life zombie survival sim returns

The isometric zombie co-op game is back with a sequel. How to Survive 2 takes place fifteen years after the events of the first game in which a zombie outbreak ravaged the tropical Los Ricos archipelago, but is it worth learning to survive all over again?

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alfcrippinjr1579d ago

is anyone playing this it does look good ????

Lon3wolf1579d ago

I have been playing it for a while off and on single player (will be doing co op soon), I enjoy it, crafting is quite light compared to other survival games, I see it more of a ARPG/survival game. Graphically it's quite nice (played on PC).

alfcrippinjr1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

might pick it up it sure does look good but going to wait for a sale

ian from eurogamer playing it now he a good guy for reviews


$19.99 on the psn canada store

$16.99 on steam (just missed the steam sale $5 doh )

hmmm you can see why steam does well for games these days