GameSpot: Far Cry 2 Exclusive MP Hands-On

Damonds are not forever in Far Cry 2, but they are persistent. In the single-player campaign, the precious stones are mined by the warring factions and sold to fund their civil war. In the multiplayer mode, blood diamonds are rewarded as persistent upgrades as you increase in rank and unlock new weapons. In both cases, diamonds fuel the explosive action of Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming shooter.

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MUNX4078d ago

WHY WHY OH WHY are there RED NAMES on top of the ENEMY..I THOUGHT THIS GAME WAS LEGIT...this might affect my purchase.. god dammit i need to double check this.. it better be when ur cross hairs are on them only.

Lucas224078d ago

hard choices this fall for first person shooters

Far Cry 2

call of duty WAW

Resistance 2

peowpeow4078d ago

What a short vid..need more! :D