5 Sega Series That Need A Resurrection

Jerry from BagoGames says, "Sega has had a long history and with that has come some unique games that I hope they decide to resurrect in between the endless spawn of Sonic sequels."

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ApocalypseShadow1477d ago

Skies of Arcadia should have been continued with a sequel or remastered or something beyond the port to GameCube.

Sega scaring away most of their top producers has not done them any favors. It's a shame with all those franchises they got under their belt.

phoenixwing1476d ago

first thing that came to mind was skies of arcadia as well

FinalFantasyFanatic1476d ago

I wish they'd port it to PS4, I really want to play it.

1476d ago
darthv721476d ago

Should be 5 Sega "Games" not "Series" as a series implies there were more than one released within its lifetime. There was only one skies, one billy, one seaman.

Now condemned at least had two games and sakura wars had a few as well so those would count as series. for me personally, I would say the series I would like to see return would be Space Harrier (we never did get the console port of planet harriers), Panzer Dragoon, Otogi, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe.

RosweeSon1476d ago

Alien Storm, Streets of Rage and Shenmue oh wait they doing that ;) just not 1-2? Come on Sega let's have the trilogy under one console for once... even if it may go to a 4th game.

Tapewurm1476d ago

Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force & Shining the Holy Ark, Burning Rangers, Virtual On, Daytona USA, Sega Rally Championship, and Fighters Mega-Mix (really all of their arcade games... house of the dead, virtua cop... ) .... would love to see all of these updated. (Just glad I still have my old Dreamcast and Saturn collections)

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