Apple iPod touch 2G and nano 4G: The Engadget Review

Engadget writes: "It's been just over a week since we ran a smash-and-grab at Apple's unveiling of its newest entries to the iPod family, the nano 4G and touch 2G. The devices, both set along an evolutionary (rather than revolutionary) path have certainly been nipped, tucked, and updated -- but we wanted to know if they'd been improved at all. For the nano, we've seen some iteration of the same device for years now, leaving questions as to how much further you can take a low-end music player, while the touch is another story completely; a handheld which treads that ever-thinning line between entertainment device and micro-computer. Do either of these products hit their marks, or has Apple overextended itself in its pursuit of market saturation? Keep reading to find out."

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xhi44080d ago

I'm buying a new Ipod Nano, which color should I get?

STEVIE_4080d ago

Personally, I like the blue, or the silver with the black wheel.

But it's entirely up to you - if you're struggling just get the Touch - it only comes in one colour!