Zelda's Season Pass is Worse Than You Think

Zelda's Season Pass, called the Expansion Pass, was revealed yesterday but one overlooked sentence in the announcement makes the deal even worse...

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wonderfulmonkeyman2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

The amount of negativity this is getting has gotten out of hand; I don't recall people complaining nearly this much when TLOU did something similar.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2182d ago

It's sony that why.
And I think its just something the haters needed to use to start hating again because they are running out of options.

bradfh2182d ago

Sony? sounds you are just hating Sony,
Nintendo owns Zelda, as for Sony they don't own the game Naughty Dog does.

showtimefolks2182d ago


While Sony gives freedom more than any other publisher and actually are willing to take risk they do in ND and any IP nd work on

r2oB2182d ago

It seems Nintendo is reluctant to assimilate when it comes to positive things such as powerful hardware, and securing legitimate third party support (not old ports and sports titles, I mean the majority of AAA releases); but they have no problem assimilating when it comes to negative things such as online subscriptions and season passes.

Nintendo wants to separate themselves from the competition, they don't want to be like Sony or Microsoft, they want to do their own thing... except when it comes to online subscriptions and season passes, then they want to be like everyone else.

ShinMaster2182d ago

It's Nintendo, that's why it's ok now. /s

user89209102182d ago

Get raped and your throat slashed, Otaku. You are a worthless nigger stain and Christopher is protecting you so he can groom your underage ass!

Big_Game_Hunters2182d ago

realistic Third person shooter and Zombie game, wow so many risks.

vergilxx32182d ago

Nope , it's Naughty Dog
I watch an interview with them an they stated that they do what they want with games Sony has no control over them

Goldby2182d ago

@big time hunter.

Funny thing about that. It isnt a zombie game. Its a game about 2 characters surviving no matter what. And the setting was the last thing they decided.

Thats the difference between games like ohh last of us and dead rising.

Ones a generic zombie game. The other is a story of two people

Aenea2182d ago

WTH does this have to do with Sony?

I do agree tho that all these articles are getting out of hand, not getting it at all, but then again, people just love to hate on stuff these days....

rataranian2181d ago

Naughty Dog buddy. Educate.

alfcrippinjr2181d ago

haa haa that funny its sony

i dont think so troll

this system will have hardly any good games for release when it comes out

Artemidorus2181d ago

Blame Sony for Nintendos greed. What a logic.

conanlifts2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

@bradfh...but sony own naughty dog.

Although i am not sure if TLOU should be mentioned in this article. But i do think that the hate for this dlc is unwarranted.

@r20b.... assimilate..are you a star trek fan or something. 😂

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-Foxtrot2182d ago

Oh please if Nintendo shit on their hand and clapped right in your face you'd probably find a way to defend them

Comparing it to the TLOU makes no sense. The only story DLC was Left Behind which could be played as a stand alone title AND you did not have to buy the Season Pass to get it.

Lets not forget they never added a hard more within the Season Pass and made it so you had to buy the full thing if you wanted it.

Stupid comparison

user89209102182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

As I already stated before people gave Sony and ND grief over the DLC/season pass stuff on Neogaf and over at the official blog - otaku and monkey just have their tinfoil hats on again and think it's ONLY PS are calling out BOTW'S season pass.

2182d ago
light692182d ago

But hey let's forget that the last of us had those stupid micro dlc bundles of what you say? Oh yeah boosts and outfits... literally things that should probably not be put as dlc, but it's okay because it's Sony right? Mess with your customers by letting them know that you can loose to people that have invested money in better items, FUCKING LEGIT

porkChop2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Left Behind was only released as a standalone more than a year after it was released as DLC. Grounded difficulty was also DLC for TLOU. So the comparison is actually pretty fair. The situations are almost identical.

ZeroX98762182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )


With TLOU you could buy every DLC separately. Not Zela BotW. You have to buy all of them together or nothing. less options I guess

wonderfulmonkeyman2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Grounded mode and micro bundles.
Also, bite me.*mic drop*

naruga2182d ago

ahaha Foxtrot....never heard before that shit -clap-combination....also agree

ChickeyCantor2181d ago

> Oh please if Nintendo shit on their hand and clapped right in your face you'd probably find a way to defend them

If Nintendo gave you everything you wanted you'd still find something to complain about.

I don't agree with the DLC and im not buying it, so there is that.

Goldby2181d ago


What microbundles?

There was a grounded mode dlc and left behind, everythign else was for MP

get some actuals facts before you start asking people to bite you

BishopPeace2181d ago

Fox that's what you do with Sony all the time, admit it ;)

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Wallstreet372182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

It's getting this much negativity because the Nintendo fanatics always swore that Nintendo wouldn't engage in these practices (even though amiibos is a worse cash grab). Please don't act like you don't know why it's being attacked so much. Same reason Nintendo online is being attacked, dlc, etc....To stick it to those blind Nintendo fanatics that defend Nintendo at every turn and enable them and then talk &hit about other consoles :)

That's what happens when fans are hypocrites and talk nonsense. But it's OK now because Nintendo knows how to do and will do it fairly lol :)

jholden32492182d ago

If you've got issues with particular fans defending everything then that should be addressed with those particular individuals. And let's not pretend those fans don't exist for every platform. Unfairly crying foul here does no justice to Nintendo, the Zelda team, or the gaming industry.

If you despise certain people so much that you're willing to slander just to get back at them, you're no less a fanboy than they are.

I long for the day were these wars between fans of different consoles will end. It's just endless retaliation. "Oh her der those Nintendo fanboys defend everything so I'm just going to attack me Nintendo unfairly to get at them". And then "her der those Sony fanboys are such hypocrites, so I'm just going to attack Sony unfairly to get at them"

And it never ends. When people reach a point of hypocrisy where they slander one company for doing the exact same thing their beloved company does, maybe it's time they take a step back from video games

light692182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )


Don't bother man wallstreet is just another troll that literally spends his time bashing Nintendo fans and the Nintendo alll day everyday, check every Nintendo switch article you'll find him talking shit, funny thing is he says he's getting the switch but he's "cwanky" that it's not what he wanted. He's just a passive aggressive no life troll. Lol

Wallstreet372182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )


Please stop with the melodrama and the pseudo ethical dribble. I give two &ucks about Nintendo, Sony or any gaming company as a whole. It's not that serious to defend the honor of Nintendo, Sony, etc...who creates inanimate object some ppl love to defend and praise blindly. I will continue to call things and ppl out when I see the bs and hypocrisy. Stop trying to be mister neutral. If you see the many disagrees and comments under his comment is for a reason. Also like every other company that does sleazy stuff &uck Nintendo with their close minded, narcissistic, better than every other company bs they try to spew when their actually doing many things worse.

Here come the alternate accounts and defense Force. Please get that sensitive bs out of here..


I see your his alternate account lol hahaha blind fanboy foh. You just mad bcus I'm not a blind cheerleader like you and tell it how it is. I stay calling out the frauds :) (goes back to playing Nioh :)

ShinMaster2182d ago

Odd that you go straight for a PS exclusive and not games in general that have done this.

What's even more odd, is how blind Nintendo fanboys mocked the idea of DLC, season passes, incomplete games, cash grabs, etc, when third parties did it.

Zeldafan642182d ago

If you think Breath of the Wild isn't a complete game without the dlc then I don't see how you could ever see any game as being complete.

jholden32492182d ago

Yes, they did. And now they will be perfectly OK with it, because it's Nintendo.

Just like blind Sony fanboys mocked Microsoft for charging for online, then within 24 hours was defending Sony for doing it.

Fanboys will be fanboys. But why are you letting that bother you so much? So they're hypocrites, every rational person can see that. Why does it get under your skin so much that you have to point it out, why does it not get under your skin as much when Sony fanboys are these hypocrites? That's the real question. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy. If you're
bothered by Nintendo fanboys you should be just as bothered by Sony fanboys. One is no better than the other

Zeldafan642182d ago

You knew the negativity was coming, we all did.

ChronoJoe2182d ago

TLOU's content offers a very different value proposition (a better one). First, I should say that I feel that the value proposition offered by DLC should be proportionate to the price of the main game. So if for instance, a game like Breath of the Wild will often feature something like 12 dungeons, then the price of one dungeon (plus surrounding content) should be around $5. This makes sense to me, by buying the game you're paying around $5-6 per dungeon, so it makes sense that the DLC should have similar pricing.

Because of this, most DLC usually seeks to offer more. The Last of Us is 15 hours long, Left Behind is arond 3 hours long, that's a 20% expansion of the games content, and it's price is around 20% of the price of TLOU ($15 originally). It's a little pricy, but it makes sense here, and offers far better value for money than what boils down to $20, for a single dungeon and surrounding story content.

Uncharted 4's season pass offered even better value for money, as season pass holders are now entitled to access what has spawned unto a fully fledged uncharted spinoff.

At the moment much of Zelda's season pass is unknown however. The only interesting thing to me is the story content and dungeon, the rest seems to be features that should have been in the game already. However we will have to wait and see as more details emerge.

Darkfist_Flames2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Meanwhile Gravity Rush 2 has free dlc as an apology for the game's delay, wheres the one for zelda's delay?

wonderfulmonkeyman2182d ago

Ask Nintendo about that one. I'm just glad they aren't delaying the game AGAIN in order to incorporate even more.

joab7772182d ago

They offered a hard mode and in game map and T-shirt as part of a season pass?

wonderfulmonkeyman2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Grounded mode and micro bundles. Look it up.
Also, we already have an in-game map in BotW; we don't honestly know what new feature for the in-game map they are talking about.

2182d ago
Goldby2181d ago


there were no micro bundles fro Last of us

Look it up, there was a grounded mode and left behind. thats it. unless you are using the MP weapons as your weak defense

MRMagoo1232182d ago

😂what does Sony have to do with Nintendo and it's ripping people off. you fanboys are a joke

Aenea2182d ago

Ehmm, not sure why it needs to be compared to TLOU, the hate and negativity for Zelda's SP is nonsensical tho, then again there's plenty of hate going towards Xbox and PlayStation stuff as well (and non gaming related things), it's just something that happens in this day and age apparently, people love to hate...

NecoTehSergal2181d ago

If you can't tell the difference between TLOU and Zelda in various ways - other than one is made by Sony and the other Nintendo - then quite frankly? You're clueless and need some more time in the oven to finish cooking. Boiling it down to "Itz k cuz its sony much wow free pass 2 sony bias wow" then.... Yeah. Stop while you're ahead. I shouldn't have to explain it.

Kyizen2181d ago

Spoken like a true fanboy. The first DLC should be $9.99 and the second one $14.99 and if you buy the Season Pass upfront for $20 you save 5 bucks. Its just not raid to not let you buy them invidiually.

Officialxandr2181d ago

@r2oB Why does your comment speak 100% truth? I love Nintendo but the best way to make them better is to criticize their negatives, not by being blind fanboys.

objdadon2181d ago

And this dude again, instant damage control for everything Nintendo.

bouzebbal2181d ago

Just keep quiet. Show us one time you complained about anything Nintendo.. You are the last one that should talk.

Artemidorus2181d ago

I always complained, you very people who throw the wallet at games are the very reason it's getting worse and worse. It's cancerous spread that has gotten worse, less on a disc, more if you want it but you pay.

I am confident to say that gaming will one day be a premium for the rich in many years.

It's also why I think PC gaming will be much bigger than it is now.

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2182d ago
VenomUK2181d ago

Exactly! Although I think it's silly to blame Sony fans for being negative - it could be Nintendo, Sony AND Xbox fans being negative!

Zelda: BOTW, judging from the previews, is the real deal - a massive feature complete game. The expansion pass is for people who enjoy the game and want to play more in its world. $20 doesn't sound too expensive although the first DLC pack would be meatier if it had a story in it. Considering many triple-A games now have DLC this outrage seem manufactured for hits.

Dan_scruggs2182d ago

Crazy thought of the day.

Don't buy it if you don't want it.

-Foxtrot2182d ago

"don't like it don't buy it"

Oh look the same crappy excuse to defend these shitty practices...that'll show them huh /s

Zodiac2182d ago

Not buying it equals defending it? Not buying it is exactly what would show them

MeteorPanda2182d ago

Its the best thing you can do...

Dan_scruggs2182d ago

If you don't buy it they wont make money and yes that will show them. Are you as young as your avatar because you sure act like it.

Death2182d ago


You honestly think bitching on the internet is more effective than not buying the product?

2182d ago
Stevonidas2182d ago

Yes, because constantly BITCHING about DLC on forums/news sites has worked SOOOOOO good so far.

If enough people speak with their wallets, this shit will stop. It's not rocket surgery folks.

Zeldafan642182d ago

I think the dlc for BotW is fairly priced to be honest. I bet it'll add a good 8-10 hours of gameplay which imo is perfectly reasonable.

conanlifts2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

If it's a true expansion them i see no problem. But if it's a few extra side quests with 4-5 hours of play then i see a problem. But for now we don't have the full details. This is always a problem with nintendo. So much secrecy that it breeds hate. They should have waited to detail the extra content before announcing it. Personally i am hoping for the expansion to be a stand alone zelda quest. It's a great way to test the waters to see if it works before they do a full zelda character game.

fenome2182d ago

Hey, it worked for the Wii U. Lmao

yezz2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

All of you who are saying that not buying it would show them, you're right that it would show them but only if everyone would do it, which is simply not going to happen. There are millions of people who'll still buy all the crap. I stopped buying CODs few years ago because I stupidly believed that it would "show them" and they would slow down with the crap. Guess what? Other people are still buying it and I don't have a Call of Duty to play..

In most cases "Then don't buy it" only works on paper...

constantine_man2181d ago

Pack it up guys, you heard it. Nintendo's not allowed to do what 99% of what all other publishers do or else their the devil. I don't specifically remember any outrage when TLOU made you pay for grounded mode.

joethetimelord2181d ago

Foxtrot, if people don't buy season passes, then companies will start to see less profit in selling them.
It's not an excuse. It's business. Complaining isn't going to make a company drop a practice that earns it a profit. The simple act of choosing not to pay for bad DLC speaks louder than any post, article, or video.

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pcz2182d ago

hold the fxck up..

so they took an entire generation to produce this game, delayed it several times longer just to give their new console a launch title, but don't even have the decency to include all the content?

just when i thought i heard it all

Chug2182d ago

Precisely. This is why I cancelled my preorder for the Wii U version and won't be picking up a Switch either. Nintendo can kick rocks.

badz1492182d ago

And if you want to play on harder difficulty, you have to pay. Glorious!

Big_Game_Hunters2182d ago

"All the content" you are talking about won't even exist for another 4-8 months.

2182d ago
Goldby2182d ago

@big game hunter

And you dont see that as a problem. This game was supposed to be a wii u exclusive. They pushed it back to te switch and are charging for stuff they havent even finished developing....

Ryasha2181d ago

Same thing happened with Final Fantasy XV did it not?
Supposed to be release on PS3 as Versus XIII, got delayed several times over, renamed as XV and made multiplatform, delayed again and again, finally released after years but yet has a season pass.

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2182d ago
Voletic2182d ago

Nobody bought the Wii U and it didn't do this.