IGN: PSP Games of Fall 2008

The PSP may have gone through a long dry spell of little to no releases, but that's all coming to an end this fall. A flood of portable titles will be hitting shelves in the next few months, giving PSP owners the option to warm themselves with the rosy glow of their small LCD screens.

Covering everything from action titles like LEGO Batman and sports games like PES 2009: Pro Evolution Soccer, to racing games like Midnight Club: LA Remix and RPGs like Valhalla Knights 2, the PSP's lead up to the holiday season is about to get extremely busy.

If you're looking for the best games to keep an eye out for, look no further. IGN has pulled out some of the largest titles that you should check out when they get released this Fall.

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I'd sell my PSP in an instant if it wasnt for custom firmware. Its keeping entertained while I wait for Resistance. After that? Well I will probably sell it since PSP2 rumors will start floating around by then.