Capcom Confident Resident Evil 7 Will Be More Successful Than Resident Evil 6

They're looking at the downward sales numbers for physical copies of games in general.

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UCForce613d ago

I think it will. Capcom does deserve a praise for this one.

andrewsquall611d ago

But the damage that RE6 did really can't be ignored and that is a major factor on if this game will do well. Then again, I know people who say they won't be getting it because it looks "too scary" to them lol.

CorndogBurglar611d ago

I think it is a major factor, but probably in a positive way. After RE6 sucking so bad people are probably excited to see something new and actually creepy.

TheCommentator611d ago

To add to that, Corndog, word of mouth is spreading positive news to dissenters like me who were disheartened by the direction the series took over the last decade. That means that sales may not start out as strong as RE6 but will taper off more slowly as people learn it's actually paid respects to the roots of the franchise quite well.

mochachino611d ago

It would be a travesty if it didn't.

Bobafret611d ago

I like it so far, but it has yet to feel like RE.

Nu611d ago

It's too slow but it's part of the gameplay

solderman611d ago

If there is a Gold Edition, that will tell you.

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The story is too old to be commented.