How Rockstar's Vision of America in 'GTA IV' is More Relevant Than Ever

An unlikely celebration of New York that subtly acknowledges the power of invitation and inclusion

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AnubisG614d ago

Why did you feel the need to spread your political agenda on a video gaming website? Go to a political forum and talk about this there. GTA is not a good example to show people who life should be for immigrants. GTA is based in violance as you put it and it's the worst example for anything real life. We play GTA because we can do stuff there we can't in real life. GTA is a parody of America and American culture. You shoukd be smarter than looking for life lesons in GTA.

devileyed614d ago

Yep! a perfect time for the joker's "here we go again" meme. People are having a freaking meltdown these days

ZombieGamerMan614d ago

You know what I would hesitate calling GTA's america a parody of the real one when it feels more like an accurate representation. Seriously the world has gone insane and it makes GTA look realistic

AnubisG614d ago

The world is insane but GTA is on a whole other level.

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opinionated614d ago

Yeah all 7 billion of you are invited if you destroy shit like niko! Some left wing hack in Seattle just said you all have constitutional rights before you even come here. We will render the rights of our citizenry utterly useless just to get you here. Come on, the water is great. Just demand your due process rights if your in Venezuela or Pakistan, it doesn't matter.