PS4 Sales Are Higher Than Ever, Sony In A Unique Position

If you’re reading this, chances are you probably own a PS4 by now. You might have also owned a PS2, It’s almost expected at this point. Recently, Sony just posted their best Playstation 4 numbers since release. In fact, it was the best quarter in history which shipped 9.7 million units worldwide during Q3 2016 …

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FallenAngel19842715d ago

The only platforms that performed better than PS4 at this point in their lifecycles are DS and Wii.

MRMagoo1232715d ago

I just added to those ps4 sales too , with a new ps4 pro and so far I'm pretty happy and can't wait for horizon zero dawn

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RedPill862715d ago

PS2 sold a hell of a lot more software. I'd say it did better too.

fr0sty2715d ago

PS4 is outselling PS2 at this point in its life cycle. I can't speak for software, but I'd imagine they aren't far apart.

RedPill862715d ago


Hardware is ahead at this point. Software is not. Software has always been miles ahead. This isn't even a comparison. N4G is just keen on ignoring the facts. Report the hardware sales and ignore the elephant in the room. Give us a nice number to enjoy and ignore the bad one. Delusional fanboys. They arent helping. I for one want more software to sell. Gives Sony a chance to get back to the old days where it was usually a good game or 2 every month increasing in how many as we got towards the holidays. The PS2 library was no joke in terms of sales.

IamTylerDurden12715d ago

You are ridiculous, it's a different economic climate than it was in the early 2000's and if u compare software sales to PlayStation's closest competitor (xbox) it would tell you that PlayStation is selling considerably better. Just look at the weekly sales charts and PS4 games dominate it.

According to vgchartz most recent data 9/10 games on the weekly sales chart are PlayStation games. 8/10 are PS4 games, 1 is Vita, 1 is DS, and Zero are xbox. PlayStation is doing just fine..


bouzebbal2715d ago

there was a hell lot of piracy back to PS2 days. you could run burned games with no chip.
there is no piracy on PS4 so i guess software sales are higher now.

RedPill862715d ago


The economy is different? Thanks. I've been living under a rock. I'm not saying it isn't, I'm pointing out what is more important. Software sales. They make the money. They have the largest returns. It's how the PS2 made so much bank for Sony.

Again. You're taking a weekly chart, seeing Playstation selling 'more' by 'comparison'. This is a fallacy as that is not what I'm comparing. The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by roughly 2-1, correct? The software is roughly the same scale so the attach rate is roughly the same. But that, again, is not what I'm pointing out. How many software units being sold is the issue. Current gen games are not selling well by comparison to the PS2 Era. That is indicative of an unhealthy market. Yes, we're all WELL aware every rule has its exceptions. The Uncharted's the Minecraft's the GTA's and such.

Then again, you think I'm making this about Playstation exclusively. It's a problem that's in the entire industry. Xbox games aren't selling well either. I never said they weren't. You bring it up because you're a rabid fanboy who doesn't have the slightest clue what I'm talking about.

Hardware costs money.

Software makes money.

Software sales as a whole BY COMPARISON to previous generations are down a significant amount. This means less money is being brought in and the industry is less healthy for it. I mean THQ and how many other individual devs flat out closing their doors isn't an indicator for you people that games aren't being sold? If a software company is making games and people are buying them, they stick around. People aren't buying the games. We've witnessed the almost complete disintegration of the middle market.

Don't speak when you don't know what you're talking about. It is outright pathetic that I can see you reacted solely because I mentioned Sony and your fanboy pants got in a twist. You bring up Xbox to take them down a peg to see if I'll react, failing miserably as Xbox is in an ever worse position of selling less software (but with the advantage of selling half as much hardware, they have half as much to make up for by comparison).

Honestly. It's like you have no idea what's being talked about. Games sold well into the millions on the PS2. Games are lucky to reach 2, or if they're very lucky, 3, on modern consoles. And with the soaring costs of development people are not making money. Signs of that are all around you. Studios closing down. Games being cancelled. Publishers closing doors. IP being neglected. Games being sent out the door unfinished to be patched for free later on (and generally never to completion). What do you need to see to know something is wrong? Right now you're just ignorant.

Cryptcuzz2715d ago

Weren't games back then also cheaper to buy? Then we got to also consider that back then, videogame options for the younger crowd as an option were not as diverse as it is now. We now tablets/smartphones and such to get games for the younger kids and they'll be happy.

You also mentioned hardware loses money and software makes the money. Usually that has always been the case, but with the start of the PS4, each console is sold with a little profit made already. That was not the case before, certainly not with the PS2 and the PS3 with theit custom SoC.

So, whether Sony is doing better with the PS2 or with the PS4 financially at the same time frame, I'm unsure, as that is a lot of number crunching and conjecture at this point. A lot of factors will have to be taken into consideration too. Some I have already mentioned, then we also got to consider other money making factors that the PS2 did not have at the time too. Some of which are PS Plus accounts, digital games sales, the amount of money they are profiting from services such as PS Vue, movie rentals, PS Now, etc.

I am not here to argue, merely just a drifter happening to walk by an already ongoing conversation and added some info that may help.

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thekhurg2715d ago


Gamefly wasn't around back then either. So there wasn't the easy option of game renting and sending back vs buying.

callahan092715d ago

@Shin-Zantetsuken Thanks for posting that link, because I was just about to ask @RedPill86 for a source, because I have seen nothing to indicate that the PS2 was "miles ahead" of the PS4 at this point in its life cycle in terms of software sales. Your link is a real source from a reputable publication and it says the exact opposite, that the PS4 has sold more software (higher attach rate) as well as more hardware.

stuna12715d ago

Dude you should have taken the blue pill! Everything you stated is the exact opposite of reality. The PS4 is the new PS2 this generation! It's a Juggernaut.

fiveby92715d ago

@RedPill86 But let's not forget that PS4 also has additional from PSN subscription which PS2 did not. Not saying PS2 was not amazing in terms for hardware and software sales, but when you consider the gaming landscape today with mobile, console, and pc, it is impressive how well PS4 has sold.

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Exvalos2715d ago

Naw man ps4 at the moment has a higher software attach Rate then ps2 and is outpacing it in sells

2pacalypsenow2714d ago


No but we had Blockbuster, Hollywood video to rent games from

IamTylerDurden12714d ago

Looks like you are the ignorant one. Apparently you are dead wrong about software sales.

I follow weekly and monthly charts constantly and i know that PS4 software is selling well. I used xbox as a comparison bc they are PlayStation's closest competitor. Simple as that.

Also, please stop using the term fanboy. You go off into a nerd rage tangent in every post and you call ppl (Sony fans) fanboys and it makes you sound like a child.

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DarXyde2715d ago

In prospect, that's pretty incredible. All are gaming devices, but the DS and Wii appealed to a dedicated market as well as tapping a sizable casual market. Basically, Nintendo could tap larger demographics. Put another way, the PS4 is basically the best selling established gamer's device (if that makes sense).

butchertroll2715d ago

Problem for Wii after 4 year was his sales were just crashed suddenly.

yeahright22715d ago

Well by then the novelty and hype wore off and they had to count on games to sustain, and well, they couldn't. the good titles they had were buried by the amount of shovelware.
So those people either graduated to a 360/ps3, or never truly became gamers and are probably on mobile now.

Mr Marvel2715d ago

Yes, and unlike the DS and Wii the PS4 is a proper console which doesn't feel or look like a Fisher-Price toy.

Luckily Nintendo look like they've taken a leaf out of Sony's book when designing the Switch.

InTheZoneAC2714d ago

and we all know how strong the casual market is(Wii) so this is definitely an accomplishment when every analyst cried "consoles are dead" before this gen and beyond.

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corroios2715d ago

What is amazing arent just the sales, but the amount of exclusives that sony is launching. New i.p. after new i.p, beside the heavy triple AAA Franchises that will come out.

The amount games that we are getting its amazing. Beside the multiplatform, if you buy just one exclusive each month, there arent months enough.... I think 2017 will be a golden year for Sony.

ShadowKnight2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I think its been a golden era for Sony and the PS4. Their first party studios really help them.

_-EDMIX-_2715d ago

Agreed you have to factor that Sony owns more first party Studios now than when they had PS2

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ninsigma2715d ago

What's ridiculous as well is people trying to say that Sony are getting complacent or are just coasting on the good sales. Only gotta look at their software output to discredit anyone who makes such a statement. With all the high rated exclusives releasing these days, it's no wonder PS4 is seeing great sales.

UltraNova2715d ago

Yeah thats why they invested so much in VR because they got complacent. And as we know complacent people/companies like risky endevours...