The Top 20 Best Sonic Games of All Time, According to Metacritic

From good to bad to really bad.

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V0MIT_M0NSTER611d ago

Totally agree with number one.

greysun123611d ago

I've probably played that game from start to finish at least 3 times. And don't get me started on the hours I spent in the Chao Garden ❤️

610d ago
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory611d ago

For my top Sonic games:
1. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - GC
2. Sonic Colors - Wii
3. Sonic Heroes - GC
4. Sonic Racing Transoformed - Wii U
5. Sonic Generations - X360

greysun123611d ago

I love adventure 2 and heroes

610d ago