XeNonX - Impressions: Fracture

XeNonX's Anthony has put up his impressions of LucasArts game 'Fracture'. Anthony has a great eye for a good game, but sadly he thinks this one might be a bit of a miss hit.

From the article:
"The first thing players will notice is that the look of the game is definitely 'borrowed' from other places. The game looks very much like Halo, Haze and even Too Human. It's a future themed shooter and i'd have loved to have seen somethig completely different, but it just seems like LucasArts have gotten a bit sloppy and just decided they'd nick things from other places. For example your character definitely has a look of some of the characters in Too Human. The amour is almost identical. Not only this, but the weapons are very similar looking to those seen in Halo and Haze, considering this is a game based in a future, everything seems to look really generic and samey."

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T-Baggins4075d ago

I personally really liked the Demo a lot, I thought deforming the ground was fun, the character design isn't the best but the game was very interesting and fun.