The 10 Worst Enemies In Gaming History

One game alone has created some of the most horrible games in history. That game is Super Mario Bros. Some of the most disgusting and deformed creatures ever invented trump through this game, and takes an in depth look.

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OldWizard5130d ago

I love mario. sonic sucks.

Final_Rpg5129d ago

Even though a blue hedgehog makes no sense you can't deny he looks awesome. Mario is a fat plumber that jumps down pipes to save a princess from the evil wrath of abnormally large turtles, doesn't make much sense either. Possibly these illogical worlds and characters are the reasons that fans are so close to these characters.

But you can't lie and say Mario is "cooler" than Sonic. Sonic is bad ass man, his latest titles don't really portray this that well though. But his whole "Speed God" and arrogance make him so damn awesome. Have you not seen Super Sonic!!??

Whether Sonic's lineup of games is better than Mario's isn't really debatable either. There is no way Sonic's collective appearances in titles are greater than Mario's.

Overall, the characters have got their flaws and their virtues. But neither of them "suck", they both do their own desired part for gaming.

hombrehambre5130d ago

Oh come on. EVERY enemy from the list is from the original mario bros? Jesus... SlapStic never fails to make me laugh though.

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The story is too old to be commented.