Rock Band 2 Review for those "New to the Series" by BingeGamer

A Rock Band review written with a new gamer to this type of series in mind.

Rock Band 2 is the sequel to one of the few rhythm based games that have become quite popular as each day passes. If you have somehow been able to avoid playing these types of games for this long, Rock Band 2 might just be the start of a beautiful relationship, keep reading to find why.

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RevN8r4071d ago

Here's the sentence that sums up the best reason to get RB2,

"The math: 84 Rock Band 2 songs + 55 Rock Band 1 tracks + 20 More free tracks coming from Harmonix shortly = 159 f’n songs, and that is not counting whatever DLC you will pick up….and believe me, you will pick up DLC"

159 songs. Seriously.