Gamers go ga-ga for consoles – but is PS3 a disaster in waiting?

Aussie gamers lapped up games consoles of all flavors in the last quarter of 2006, matching the global trend of gargantuan gaming addiction no match which brand is your favorite – but an online report suggests tough times may be ahead for the PS3.

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Anerythristic265227d ago

I own a Wii. The Wii can be a huge success but never actually win the console war.

The Wii (which I really enjoy ) has next gen GAMEPLAY , not next gen Graphics , resolution , memory , CPU , GPU and all that other stuff.

Developers will be able to bring certain ideas to the Wii because of the Wiimote , but other ideas WILL need the power of PS3 and XBox 360.

gta_cb5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

i havnt actually played the Nintendo Wii but with all the Wii's sold at christmas completely overthrowing the raining champion at consoles "Sony" i can imagen its good,
i just want to make something clear,
i owned a PS2 since launch year, i still have, buy games for, and enjoy the PS2 and i also think with the cheap price tag compared to the XBox360 Wii and ESPECIALLY the PS3 it will sell strong throughout the year,
but i would like the XBox360 to win this battle as in other news pages, people have stated that Sony have become to hot headed, with the FACT that the XBox1 was a better games machine (once it sorted out the HUGE controler lol) it only failed to beat Sony's PS2 because of the games that were available and the 1year advantage, so yeah good luck MS please continue to provide XBox360 owners like me with good services.

gta_cb5227d ago

wouldnt it be funny if the results for this gen consoles was
1ts - XBox360
2nd - Nintendo Wii
3rd - Sony PS3

now what the funny bit would be is if Nintendo beats Sony, as they have been craming all this good processor (sh*te GPU, but still better then the Wii) and have come up with a $600+ console, while Nintendo have been very cleaver and come up with a solution to bring the family together, have fun with simpler games, although it still has the games such as COD3 which i cant wait to see in action. as for XBox360 i am glad i have brought one =D

Odiah5227d ago

if Sony and Microsoft both had their @ss' handed to them on a plate.

Put you big-headed losers back into your place.

Harry5226d ago

Oh! sorry sony's right hand man (in the masturbation sense?)

Didn't know you could see the future.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5225d ago

Even with both of my eyes poked out, I can still see that Nintendo's Wii will never evolve into anything other than a KID'S console! Leave the debating to the grown-ups.

Havince5226d ago

Coz i hate sony, they suck like a granny with a lemon