How the PS4 Converted an Xbox Superfan: A Brief History of The Recent Console War

The internal deliberation over what platform to pre-order Mass Effect Andromeda on is what made me realize: PlayStation are pulling ahead in the console war of this generation.

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SpaceRanger2233d ago

"If the kinds of experiences presented by Until Dawn, Bloodborne and The Last Guardian were representative, then I wanted more."

This is exactly what I've always said. These games have such unique experiences that Xbox really can't compete with. I don't see any current or future Xbox games having such variety.

And with third party games playing better on the worlds most powerful console, PS4 Pro, and the second most powerful console, PS4, I don't see how people can use their hard earned money on anything else that gives them less for the same price.

Overload2233d ago

If you don't have a PS4 in 2017, you're missing out and that's that.

UltraNova2233d ago

Playstation is the default choice.

Alexander1Nevermind2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

See Nioh....See Horizon: Zero Dawn as recent examples. Its all about the games and the PS4 has them this gen.

bouzebbal2233d ago

Gran Turismo, God of War, spiderman, Detroit, Dreams, NioH, Horizon, NieR,ff7 remake, Days gone, TLoU 2 are just a glimpse of that variety. Nothing can beat it.

Eonjay2233d ago

Yes, but remember it is more about content and less about the brand itself. There are games on PlayStation thar I like and can'tget anywhere else. Thats the thing that really makes PlayStation essential.

AcidDvl2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

God of War, Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Yakuza 6, Uncharted 4, Last of Us Part II, Detroit Become Human, Ratchet and Clank, Days Gone, Gran Turismo Sports, Nioh, Death Stranding, Persona 5, MLB: The Show 17, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Wild, Driveclub, Infamous Second Son, Infamous First Light, Killzone Shadow Fall, Until Dawn, Bound, Unfinished Swan, Dreams, Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, Tearaway Unfolded, Entwined, Flower, LittleBigPlanet 3, Resogun, etc.... You still got the unannounced Sucker Punch's game

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XboxInnovation2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

It's great to have all consoles and a PC, but I wouldn't say the PS4 is a must have like the Xbox 360 was in 2010. The Xbox 360 at that time made PS3 feel last gen. PS4 does not do that to the Xbox One. Actually people can argue the Xbox One makes the PS4 outdated when it comes to features.

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Deadpooled2233d ago

PS4FTW. Behold the king, the king of kings Bow down to the, bow down to the KING!!

Automatic792233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )


The problem with your statement is that it is lopsided and comes off Bias.

Before you had unique experiences like Until Dawn, Blood Bourne, and the last Guardian.

Xbox had unique experiences like D4(Dark Dreams Don't Die), Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break.

As far as with third party playing better on PS4 that is debatable since Xbox Live is the superior service and has the most stable connection, plus framerates. I can't tell you how many times I would play a multiplat game on PS4 and the connection dropped out of the game. I mean I felt like it was PS2 days.

As far as most powerful, Xbox One S offered HDR and 4K first and I won't even talk about Scorpio since it's not available yet. However, based on early reports that are not coming out of the Sony Damage control camp, if you know anything about technology than you know that Scorpio is way more powerful. Have a good day sir.

Mr Lahey2233d ago

Yeah, talk about bias..

MRMagoo1232233d ago

😂 you say he sounds biased then you rant in a biased manner yourself, nice try though /golfclap

"far as most powerful, Xbox One S offered HDR and 4K first" what has hdr and 4k video got to do with power ? 😂

"Xbox had unique experiences like D4(Dark Dreams Don't Die), Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break" The only unique about those games is they sucked.

"As far as with third party playing better on PS4 that is debatable since Xbox Live is the superior service and has the most stable connection, plus framerates. I can't tell you how many times I would play a multiplat game on PS4 and the connection dropped out of the game. I mean I felt like it was PS2 days. " This all seems to be down to you having sh!t Internet and xbone having better frames is a downright lie , a couple games so far through the whole gen have had 2 or 3 extra frames on the Xbox 99 percent of the multiplats have had better performance on ps4 and at a higher resolution.

You can't call someone biased when you fill a entire rant with lies and your own biased opinions. better luck next time lil guy😂

fromchildren2233d ago

If Xbox one is that much more superior, why is it only selling like a few hundred units a week in Japan while 3ds and ps4 sells tens of thousands.

Why is it that multiplatform games sell more on the PS4?

If Xbox one had the better games, why aren't people supporting them?

Zeke682233d ago

I respect your opinion but for me PSN is stable as hell. You might wanna call your ISP tbh, because if you drop out you have a bad router or lousy ISP. Or you just might be unlucky living in a country/city that have crappy internet connection. But at least here in Sweden, PSN is stable 98% of the time. I pay for 100 Mbit up and down and I have 98/97 on my regular PS4 and 99/98 average on my Pro so..., call your ISP :)

Dark_Knightmare22233d ago

First off eurogamer isn't a Sony damage control camp lol and they stated that the power difference between Scorpio and pro won't be significant. I loved d4 but that was the only game out of the three you mentioned that was unique and what happened it sold like crap and we'll never get the story finished. You are one of the few people I see that still try to latch on to this live is better than psn crap like it's last gen and you laughably try to say it was like ps2 days well news flash that hasn't been true this gen it's pretty much parity between the two. The x1 s barely offers upscaled 4K let alone native and the pro is way more powerful than it so I don't know what point you were trying to make there. So you have a good day sir

Liqu1d2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Coming from a guy that supports BGST. You're comment history proves you're biased as well.

OB1Biker2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

We are all somehow biased in our preferences. I actually disagree with all your points even the Scorpio bit because you saying you won't talk about it but still say it is way more powerful. The fact is it WILL be way more powerful like most future consoles hopefully but it won't play MEA day one that's for sure. Xb1s isn't particularly powerful ; I don't think you used the right word.
SpaceRanger point was the wide range of different games on offer I believe though I'm sure xbox has a few unique experiences too and glad you enjoy it.
I can't really compare with xbl but PSN is working fine and not sure what you mean about 'framerates'
Ultimately everyone is different and can enjoy any console, nothing wrong with that. Happy gaming everyone.

JackBNimble2233d ago

I agree that 1st party games between each console are subjective, but then you go one to say Xbox live is the superior more stable service.
That may have been true in the first few years of the ps3, but psn has evolved and the service is just as good if not better then Xbox live is now.

There is nothing superior about xboxlive in 2017... Nothing at all.

TheCommentator2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

To those defending Space Ranger, you guys are right to say that Automatic79 is bias as well. I am too. The difference is that the bias towards PS4 is accepted while any bias towards XB1 is made fun of by the likes of you guys. Seriously, none of you find any problem with Space Ranger starting the MS trolling with things like the, "world's most powerful console" comment (from MS' Scorpio reveal)? Or that they "play" better when they would really only look a little better? Or is it that you just prefer to ignore all that in order to troll anyone who continues to support MS? Either way you guys are just ridiculous, because you start all these pissing contests and get mad when we oblige by sharing our opinions.

Edit: The best place to play Andromeda will be on Scorpio if all you guys care about is the worlds most powerful console, with best looking graphics, on the best network.

OB1Biker2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

There's no trolling. In quoting 'the worlds most powerful console' or would you say Sony is trolling too? Because it's on every advert and has been for years. I know it sounds a bit funny to put it that way but nonetheless true
It's seems your the one who gets mad just for people stating facts.

Sparta072233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

@ auto & commentor, so you guys admit that a powerful console is important now?
I thought power don't matter.
First reviews matter now they dont.
Sales matter now they dont.
Exclusives matter now they dont.
Wait till titanfall comes out!!
Wait till halo comes out!!
Wait till xboxs comes out!!!
Wait till scorpio came out!!!
This is why we laugh at you guys!!!
Just let me know where to put the goal post, I'm tired of moving it back and forth with you guys...

Edit: @ commentor, the best place to play Mass Effect is on the PRO. The most powerful console out Right now!!!

Razzer2233d ago

Damage control camp? That has been Xbox One for 4 years. lol....and you are one to talk about coming off as biased.

OB1Biker2233d ago

One more thing : the best way to play MEA is ASAP :)

ragnalamb2233d ago

Exclusive (and good) games were on playstation since PS2, nothing has really changed about that. Tecnology has always been on MS side (powerful xbox, easy to program for xbox 360 etc). But games will never compete with those from Sony. History is showing us that. And the way I see it, its Not gonna change for the years to come. Scorpio or not.

ShadowKnight2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )


Sucks that we cant play Scalebound. Havea good day

ShadowWolf7122233d ago

"As far as most powerful, Xbox One S offered HDR and 4K first"
HDR isn't available on all titles, even ones currently releasing, and the 4K is a simple upscaler that all 4K TVs have anyway. It's just to look good on the box.

"Xbox had unique experiences like D4(Dark Dreams Don't Die), Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break."
Ah yes, D4 which no one bought, SO which relatively few bought, and Quantum Break which... made you si through 20 minute "episode" cutscenes. And relatively few bought.

I'm seeing a pattern here.

GoodnessGreatness2233d ago

Sunset overdrive is good but not memorable. Quantum break is just straight garbage. Both online services run same but PS4 is faster and simpler. Talk about bias, all third party games run better on PS4 fool. 1080p>900p. Scorpio is irrelevant, powerful console with no good games to play. No thank you. Have a good day with your Xbox one.

Doja2233d ago

I gave you a chance till you said sunset overdrive.

XanderZane2233d ago

I'll play all the PS4 exclusives on the PS4 Pro and all the 3rd party multiplats on the Scorpio. If the Switch is a hit, I'll pick that up probably next year. Got all the basis covered.

Markusb332233d ago

Yet Scorpio is underpowered by pc standards ? What's your point ? I have a ps4 for a diverse library of games MS can have the most powerful plastic box it will never match the variety of games and exclusive content.

PSN_ZeroOnyx2232d ago

PSN and online multiplayer games run smooth as can be with no drop outs for me, like a hot knife through butter.

PSN_ZeroOnyx2232d ago


If the best place to play is on a future console, it would be on the next PlayStation then.

shinrock2232d ago Show
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SamTheGamer2232d ago

I can't stop laughing when you said Quantum break is a unique experience :D

SamTheGamer2232d ago

I can't stop laughing after watching that Quantum break is a unique experience 😂😂😂 28514;

gums0072232d ago

Automatic79, Scorpio can be as powerful as it want but you still need games to play it. I own both an xbox one and ps4. Even though i really want xbox to succeed, ps4 exclusives are making my choice on which console i end up playing on most of the time.

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deno2233d ago

@SpaceRanger I agree on everything you said. Playstation 4 has a massive variety of quality games. Since I own both consoles I believe the media is a bit harsh on xbox one. I have Recore, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Rare Replay, Gears of War 4, Killer instinct, Sunset Overdrive. There's been quiet a few good games but Xbox One definitely needs more. I hope to see a vibrant healthy console generation for all 3 systems.

Gustertote2232d ago

That's what it came down to for me: what system will best ensure I get maximum enjoyment during my free time?

The PS4.

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YAO-BLING2232d ago

good to see some of these xbox users are maturing and knowing who owns the gaming industry and who doesn't

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chrisx2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Every1 deserves to enjoy the Ps4 and the amazing exclusives it offers. if this super xboner could convert it just shows Sony is doing things right. You will never hear a story about a super Ps fan converting to the xbone

mcstorm2233d ago

Tbh it depends on the person. I was a massive psx fan but for me I could not get into the ps2 I was happier with the Dreamcast and got a GameCube when the DC sales stopped. Next gen I owned all 3 but again my love for the ps3 was not there still had one but the 360 became my main console this gen so far nothing on the ps4 apart from UC4 makes me want it although there are a few games coming up for it that I want so will pick one up in the end but this gen I've enjoyed the wiiu the most although I did enjoy the last 12 months on the Xbox one being a big racing fan and getting forza 6 and horizon 3 were my go to games.

For me I don't see any console as being the out right best but what fits my needs the best.

I don't get why people have to have a dig at other consoles as they all have good and bad points but we should all get the console we want and enjoy the games we like and let others do the same.

BlakHavoc2233d ago

This dude said he enjoyed the WiiU the most lol...👏🏼

SpinalRemains1382233d ago

You're a rare bird. WiiU huh?

mcstorm2232d ago

I did. I enjoyed the change from the PS and Xbox when the WiiU came out. Playing games like Mario 3d world, Super Smash bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Lego City and more has been a lot of fun and a nice change to what the other two offered in the 1st few years.

As I said its each to there own. No I cant get enough of Horizon 3 my game of 2016.

Bigpappy2233d ago

Owww! A "Xbox Super fan" converted. Guess I have to through mine in the garbage. Never heard of him though, is he from Japan?

Inzo2233d ago

Thats ok, he's probably never heard of you either.

Major_Glitch2232d ago

No. You don't have to "through" your Xbox in the garbage. But maybe you should...I don't games for it. MS needs the sales.

Bigpappy2232d ago

That's okay. I know you guys have my best interest at heart. But I am not a Super fan of any console or manufacturer. So I don't buy game because they "need the sales" or because of some popularity contest.

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stuna12233d ago

At this point in the console generation it not a hard accomplishment to perform! Any normal gamer is going to go where the games are! Overlooking so called console loyalty crap. When you take into consideration that consoles are investments, it's logical to think that the majority are buying them for the longjivity of not only the hardware aspects, but even moreso the software aspects involved.

This is why in my opinion why we have cross-over gamers who invest in more than one specific console maker. Because there will always be lapses in what each console maker provides for their fanbases, but for gamers that know what Company is going to provide a more consistent and variation of choice it's also a reasonable assumption as to why other gamers don't invest in other consoles outside of their specific console.

Not to spite supporters of consoles outside of my preference, all I can say for me is the last 3 generations Sony has been the more consistent of the console maker for me and provides variation of choice.

kayoss2233d ago

try telling that to some die hard fan who constantly spout "Playstation have no games" nonsense.

Automatic792233d ago


To be honest, shots get fired at any point during the course of the year. For the last 6 months out of 2016, PS4 gamers had no games and were shouting out how great third party games were, or how great tech demos were after purchasing an expensive peripherial, mind you since launch Sony has had this problem, every single year. Now the narrative changes because they are getting a few games more than the competition that were delayed and the competition is releasing at a steady pace or preparing the big titles for a later release.

The sad part is that most gamers shouting for Joy on this website about PS4 are really not buying these games they hype up, for example Streetfighter, No Mans Sky(purchase and than returned due to disappointment), last Guardian, Gravity Rush, Kingdom hearts.

So while a few people on this website keep praising these titles the truth is the majority of Playstation gamers are purchasing Multiplatform games. Hence why Xbox gamers love Xbox we getting the best titles and if occasionally PS4 sends out 1 or 2 solid titles we have it as a back up console.

Knushwood Butt2233d ago

Well, I own SFV, TLG, and GR2 out of those games you listed.

Trez12342233d ago

Automatic79 @ that's alot of nonsense. Last guardian sold almost 500k first week and only gears or war 4 had a better first week on xbox and I'm not making it up. Last six months of 2016 ? Dragon quest builders ( confirmed to have sold over 1 million worldwide), World of final fantasy, no man sky, King of fighters, the last guardian and I'm sure I've left some out.

Did you know that shadow of the colossus, ICo, Persona, kill switch, sly Cooper etc.. those games didn't sell millions but are very much part of the success of the ps2.

If you said that ps4 had no games that picked your interest then fair enough, but to say it had no game ( both retail and digital) it's a straight up lie and the ps4 or playstation as a whole isn't the console for you.

Inzo2233d ago


" For the last 6 months out of 2016, PS4 gamers had no games"

That is the biggest load of BS! Please, please, please for the love of gaming do your research before posting this nonsense again.

Realms2232d ago


Talk about nitpicking the reason people blast xbox fanboys for saying the PS4 had no games was because it simply wasn't true, in fact they had more games available than the xbox one but let's just disregard facts right. You say that PS4 fans don't buy games? Yes we don't buy bad games SFV was incomplete garbage, No Man's Sky was from an unproven independent developer that promised the moon and didn't deliver, Gravity Rush 2 was a sequel to a vita game and the last guardian had been in development hell. Yet Sony knowing some of those games were destine to sell far less than expected Sony still manage to continue to support those games.

Meanwhile MS is cancelling theirs say what you want but we all know which company supports gaming and which one doesn't. The 360 died a slow agonizing death because towards the end of it's life cycle MS was not supporting it meanwhile Sony was delivering The Last of Us, Nino Kuni and more again gamers aren't stupid one company is delivering on their promise like they always have and the other isn't it's as simple as that.

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Gardenia2233d ago

The games is what makes the console. The PS4 being the most powerful console doesn't mean much if it hadn't so much great exclusives

Gamist2dot02233d ago

" In some ways, it still feels like betrayal, ..."

You don't owe anyone with that excuse. Why limit yourself? You as a gamer you deserve to play the best games ever made... for life.

Poseph2233d ago

and yet you get downvoted into oblivion when you say that you also like to play Xbox One or Nintendo

Godmars2902233d ago

Probably because they're only talking about Xbox or Nintendo the platforms rather than the games offered on them.

Silly gameAr2233d ago

I notice people mostly get downvoted when they complain about being picked on by big bad fanboys of the other consoles.

Rimeskeem2233d ago

This is competition in business. If they believe another company is making better products then there is no point on staying with your current company unless there are other variables. It's common sense, there is no betrayal for a consumer in the market of competition.

andrewsquall2233d ago

And are Microsoft going to refund him 11 years of Xbox Live that offered him NOTHING of value before they started giving him games with it in 2013?
Yeah, you are betraying nobody.

Gustertote2232d ago

I feel I wasn't clear enough when making that point, but it was more that I was betraying a former version of myself who had poured hundreds if not thousands of hours into Xbox gaming, only to then swap over to the PS4.

I don't give a plop about Microsoft or Sony, just about how to best spend my free time.

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