GameZone: Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades Preview

When it launched earlier this summer, Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS was a title that really polarized a good chunk of the gaming press. Whereas some found it to be a very viable entry to the Guitar Hero franchise that did a great job of replicating the console game's experience, there were others who found the fret attachment unwieldy and painful, the setlist lacking and the stylus-based strumming inaccurate.

However, that didn't stop gamers from picking up the game in droves, as it was a huge success for Activision and developer Vicarious Visions. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the team is already prepping the follow-up, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades. Decades doesn't offer very many changes to the Guitar Hero DS formula, love it or hate it, but does add some nice incentives for fans of the first DS entry to take another plunge.

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