Sony turned gaming’s slow season into one of the best seasons ever for the PS4

The early months of the year are typically when gamers have time to take a break and decompress from the busy holiday season.

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ApocalypseShadow1756d ago

It's why Sony is respected by their fan base.they create their own exclusives and lead by example by creating a variety of games, they support second and third parties with risky endeavors and they allow third parties to shine in the most busiest time of the year.

While third parties are jockeying for position during that time, Sony releases products mostly all to themselves like GOW,uncharted, the last of us and now Horizon.

That shows they care about the whole year and not just the holiday season.shows they care about other developers. And, that they care to support their fan base throughout the year when they really don't have to.

SourtreeDing1756d ago

honestly i feel like its been strong since 2015 i love it

Kingthrash3601756d ago

Yeah its smart to have your holiday 1st party games at a minimum in the holiday season due to over crowding. So releasing them in the drought season when people are itching for games is just genius. People buy games year round so this will make their games stand out and not deal with heavy hitters from 3rd partys like cod, bf and whatever else big that will come that season. They are on their game this generation. Making little moves like this makes a huge difference.

UltraNova1756d ago

Sony threw it out of the park this gen. They really learned from past mistakes and players rewarded them.

Frankly if they keep this up they are unstopable for the foreseable future.

Sono4211755d ago

As much as I agree with this, I feel like the actual slowest season for gaming is ALWAYS summer..

StanleyRoper1755d ago

My EDF machine! Fuck yeah!

riibhu1755d ago

If you're running a business you would also care for your services so that your customer don't leave . They don't care out of goodness of their hearts but because if they slack their customers will leave just as Microsoft has its customers base in decline.

trooper_1755d ago

Sony's been on fire, delivering non stop games and variety. Definitely getting Horizon and Nier.

Bronxs151755d ago

I don't think it shows they "care" about the whole year. I think all it shows is that they have great business people thst get it and that know how to bring them money.

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chrisx1756d ago

Good job to Sony and the Ps4 Team. Lots of amazing games to play and many more incoming

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slavish01756d ago

You have to tip your hate to sony

KwietStorm_BLM1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Well yea I guess depending on what side of the fence you're on, gotta tip your *hate* to them.

Relientk771756d ago

Bought Tales of Beseria and preordered Horizon Zero Dawn. If I had more time would have bought more games too

BlackTar1871756d ago


its_JEFF1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Nioh! that's one I'm gonna hold off getting, not cause I don't think it's gonna be good... it's cause I know it'll consume all of my gaming time and right now, I just can't do that.

I might just pick up and keep it on hand, to help with sales of the game!

DarXyde1755d ago

Haven't played it yet. I ordered it from amazon and it hasn't been back in stock for a while, sadly.

Honestly, I don't need it right away. Still very happily absorbed in Gravity Rush 2 even after beating it. The original was my favorite Vita game behind Persona 4 Golden, so I'm having a blast as is. My NieR pre-order might show up before Ni Oh does which is unfortunate, but that so gives me some time with GR2 before I put it down and then pick it back up once the DLC releases.

Why o why1755d ago

I have mine still in its rapper. . I've yet to finish gravity rush or yakuza 0. . . My 1st quarter backlog is dumb and will get dumber once horizon and persona get released. . . DUMB

Gamist2dot01756d ago

Because gaming is year round, 365 days, not seasonal.

Featuring_Dante1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Gaming is a business...
i shouldn't add anything to that.

Rimeskeem1756d ago

The video game industry is. Gaming is an activity many people enjoy all year around.

_-EDMIX-_1755d ago

Yes and clearly a business needs to be able to adapt to what its Market is telling them and I believe the market for a very long time has been letting these companies know that they're eager to purchase games anytime during the year.

When God of War first released lots of people were very surprised that they were releasing such a huge Triple A game in the spring and since then Sony has been releasing lots of games and what the industry might consider odd Dates, look at when Heavy Rain The Last of Us and God of War released just to show you.

The Gaming Community has no problem purchasing games during the spring, summer what have you.

By Sony essentially giving the fall to Major third parties they were able to have those game sales rise of those third party games, consumers did not need to question if they should buy Call of Duty or a Sony product they were easily able to purchase both because Sony was not openly trying to compete against third-party like Nintendo and Microsoft have actually been doing for a long time.

You would notice that there's lots of retailers that wouldn't give other vendors front row real estate in regards to how they display their merchandise, this is how you treat vendors.

You can't expect to have positive business relationships if you're always putting them in the back and then openly trying to compete against them in your store.

What Sony is doing is a very classic business method in clearly it's working out for them because the sales of third party games are very high on the PlayStation 4 consumers do not have to pick and choose they are allowed to have both.

Ceaser98573611755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Everything is a business.. someone makes it and earns from it and we consumers enjoy playing them and value it.. That's how everything works..