CVG: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

CVG writes: "Dwarves are rubbish. Gold, beards, beer, shortness, regional accents - we've seen it a thousand times. Why play a dwarf when you could play a goblin with a pet squig or a Chaos marauder who can turn his arm into a fleshy club? So we're surprised to find ourselves playing as a dwarf. And loving it. Especially the shield bash, which knocks our enemies onto their backs with a bone-crunching thud, allowing us to get in a few very cheap axe blows before they get up. Dirty. And we like it. You still won't catch us being a bloody high elf, mind.

During this last decade of Peter Jackson and Blizzard defining the general public's idea of fantasy, it's been forgotten that Games Workshop quietly redefined namby-pamby Tolkien stereotypes decades ago. That's why Warhammer Online's dwarves feel like grim warriors, not comedic Scotsmen. That's why its orcs are genuinely ugly, not humanised. WAR is the same Light vs Dark setup as seen in, let's be frank, World of Warcraft, but that acronym is no accident. Neither is the omission of /dance. WAR is war. And it's going to be huge."

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Perjoss4078d ago

Personally I think it lacks polish, I dont think its a WoW beater, but its easily the 2nd best mmo ever released, the game world is very impressive and it is (sadly) far far superior to age of conan in every way. For people that might be a little tired of wow and looking for something new and fresh this is it. The biggest difference from War and WoW is you wont find any of the usual cute and overly colorful npcs and environments.

I only have a low level character so its hard to talk about combat in detail but so far so good!

divideby04078d ago

played the beta for over 30 hours....I just cannot justifying paying so much each month to play this game...While I do like some of the things better than Wow...just cant pay that much each month....and the combat is boring

Baba19064078d ago

i love this game. its much more appealing to me than wow becouse of the great rvr. im so glad i changed to WAR. its very cool and the szenarios are amazing fun. i would recomend this game if you dont have 200 hours of raid time every week.

Ghoul4078d ago

cant agree more !

i Love War it has most of the things i missed in wow, especially RvR. the ability to actually gain controll of certain grounds is kickass, (not like thsose lazy battlegrounds in wow). the pve seems a bit short but lets see where the endgame is heading. so far im totally in love with this game.

btw mythic announced that they will bring back all racial citys and classes that once where scrapped in the beta phase. HORRAAY