Characters We'd Like to See in the Next Smash Bros.

"Though the bouncing pseudo-violence of the Super Smash Brothers series may be enough innovation to keep most game-o-holics satisfied, many from the community plug in to each incarnation to see the new retrospective of playable characters. Each game is like a quick look back in video game history, allowing them to finally play their favorite characters against each other in a less than deadly melee. As the next volume in the series is looming, let's take a look at some of the character's that deserve to make the call sheet."

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Monty_The_Great4070d ago

that annoy's the crap out of me about these kind of things is that they come out like they are going to do anything about anything. All they do is complain about what wasn't added to the game. Why don't you try complaining before the game is released? Then maybe some of your retarded complaints can be addressed.

qface644070d ago

if you ask me if they are gonna add 3rd party characters they should only add gaming legends so they should add mega man they have sonic im not a fan of him but he is a legend same for snake

schmeidenkamp4070d ago

These are the characters they wanna see in the next SSB? Talk about low standards....

How about some characters from RE? Nemesis? Leon?
Some GTA characters would be sweet, although highly unlikely.
Since they got snake from Konami, how about getting some of the mechs from Zone of the Enders?

idk, thats my 2 cents...

ChickeyCantor4069d ago

Ya know SOnic and Snake i can understand.
Sonic was a rival and was living allong side of Super mario bros.
Snake was also on the Nes.

But Resident evil?....


Final_Rpg4070d ago

Needs moar megaman, tails and knuckles. Oh and maybe some FF characters in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.