UGO: Rock Revolution Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "Previews are normally meant to provide information, if not in a positive light then at least a hopeful one. This is to account for the "in-development" status of a title; there may be rough edges in a preview build which will be smoothed over or eradicated completely in the final release. With all that said, is it too late to cancel the release of Rock Revolution?".

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2paclives4071d ago

You must think the video gamer public are gumps...releasing a half-assed guitar/music game...barely any covers...totally giving up on your own guitar design...only 40 some songs...go to hell!

pansenbaer4071d ago

I knew this game was going to bomb. I hadn't heard anything about it up until a month ago. It seems like they just threw it together at the last minute. The drum pad looks horrible, just like they said it was.