Aliens Colonial Marines Single Player Demo vs Now – Graphics Comparison Revisited

Maybe not all of you remember, but one of the most famous downgrades of recent years was the case of Aliens Colonial Marines which even found its finale in court – well not entirely, but some legal steps were taken. Now, after four years sice release and several major updates improving graphics and overall performance, let’s check how close the game is to the infamous single player demo from 2012.

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mastershredder663d ago

"Now, after four years sice release and several major updates improving graphics and overall performance"

Last update was 2013. Several major updates? The fallout from the disastrous thud from GB dropping the ball ensured no resources would be used to the support the game shortly after it's release.

"Please note that for test purposes standard version of the game was used, which can be bought from Steam. No graphics mods enabled."

Topic is about then vs are still running a "then" config. Did age magically improve game?

663d ago
IamTylerDurden1663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

How about u pick a downgrade from this gen. Try the Rainbow 6 Siege e3 demo when it was first revealed versus what it actually looked like on console. Completely different game. "watchout for Havoc"

Atomicjuicer663d ago

This game damaged Alien vs Predator the game (before and after colonial marines release) with its lies and the crash that followed.

AvP was an excellent game at the time but it flopped and closed a good studio.

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windblowsagain663d ago

Basically the original demo was on PC, But because the PS3/360 had problems with it, They downgraded it.

KeeseToast663d ago

Not at all. They didn't have time to finish the rest of the game to look like that, but keep on trolling.

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