Gates takes on Sony and Nintendo

"If you want to play online, get an Xbox"

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has declared that the strategy for Xbox 360 is "working perfectly", questioning Sony and Nintendo's next-gen console offerings...

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marionz5234d ago

but whats with the question mark?s

hardwood20015234d ago

Hey all I did was copy and paste the article... Maybe the host can fix the question mark problem...

SimmoUK5234d ago

If you want to go online and have to PAY for it for years to come get a 360, otherwise get a PS3 and get oline for FREE and play resistance 40player lag free...

marionz5234d ago

online that wont be used for all games, do you think an online service pays for itself? get a grip, do u even have a ps3 if you are in the uk? and im sorry but its a small price to pay for excellent online service! its only the price of a game per year sheesh, and you get some MS points with it remember, and we can play online with the pc community, thays pretty sweet

InMyOpinion5234d ago

You would'nt mind paying for it. It's your choice, a pint at the pub or a month of online gaming. The best thing about it is that it covers all games, not like PC games where each game has its own fee. As of what I have heard, the Ps3 online experience is far from perfect.

CG5234d ago

The servers for RFOM are provided by the developers not sony! And by the way ALL 360 games are live enabled can you say the same for PS3 lol i think not! i guess you get what you pay for lol.

achira5234d ago

if you want to pay money for things which should be free you can go with xbox live. if you want free online play, with no legs, go with psn.

THAMMER15233d ago

Look I pay my annual fee because I know 98% of the games I buy will have some form of online play. If you do not want to pay $50.00 a year you do not have too.

The server’s stay up and running for years because the fee's we pay take care of the maintenance and man powers it takes to run them.

You guys are just bitter because you were the @s holes on line making loud and lame claims that at this time the PS3 was going to be out performing and cheaper than the 360.

Well guess what the PS3 is not doing anything but making you losers crazy. Can you even read your own post without shame?

And if cost is a major factor for your gaming why do you think the PS3 is such a great deal?

I'm sorry to be so harsh but you guys are walking contradictions.

If you do not have $50.00 you can pay $7.99 for 1 month if your are not that hard core of a gamer. See you have options. So next time you lames tell lies to your friends and family members about the 360 think about your reputation and how the lies effect it.

FeralPhoenix5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

I think "old Bill" should just leave them alone, let them continue their current strategy, I mean if he believes that basicly the competition is headed in the wrong direction then don't encourage them to "copy" the good things that you are doing, really because XBL is one thing that definitely seperates the 360 from what the other consoles offer, so just continue to focus on bringing great content and let the others go their way. Well I'm just thinking(typing) out loud....its just a thought, either way my whole point is that if you are doing well don't get too confident and lose matter how bad you want to laugh in the face of those who said "they would never take you serious".

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The story is too old to be commented.