Rumor: NES Classic Ceasing Production, Hackers to Blame?

The NES Classic is reportedly ceasing production. But why? Is it the Switch? Is it hackers? Is it possibly not even true?

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MRMagoo1231526d ago

I don't even get why they hacked it to run more rooms when you can just lay them all on any old junky pc you don't even need a good pc a gts 450 will work perfectly fine and I'm sure you can go even weaker really.

MRMagoo1231526d ago

roms * jeez I hate auto correct

1524d ago
WheatBread1524d ago

You don't even need a video card. They run fine on integrated graphics.

MRMagoo1231524d ago

hmmmmmmm I didn't know 😂 the most sh!t pc I have at home has a gts 450 which I put together with spare junk from my pc shop.

SegaGamer1524d ago

If people are hacking this thing then they are really stupid. It's going to be a rare item to find in a few years. By hacking it, the value of it will shrink considerably. If you want to stick your roms on something, then it's better to stick to one of the many known pieces of technology that is capable of playing them.

FBNS1524d ago

What's gonna be worth more an nes with 60 games or an nes with 700, plus genesis, snes, gameboy, gba, neo-geo... You get the idea.... Hacking does absolutely nothing to the integrity of the hardware... Maybe understand what actually is going on with the programming side. You'd also be pretty dumb to think otherwise since you think people are pretty stupid to modify their own equipment.

SegaGamer1524d ago

Anything that is tampered with will lose it's value, that is just how it is. In 10, 20, 30 years, a hacked version of this thing will cost a lot less than one in it's original condition.

FBNS1524d ago

That's working moded systems still fetch a higher price then typical used system. The only way original is worth it in the long run is if you've never opened the package. Also, Ben's probable mods of systems go for almost $1000 a pop... They're highly modified to the point system boards are modified.... Still technically a hack..

xX1NORM1Xx1524d ago

I highly doubt its because of hackers anyone can make a nes emulator out of a rasberry pi for cheaper before the mini even exsisted

Double_O_Revan1524d ago

While I agree and doubt that hackers would be the reason, I also never doubt Nintendo's Extreme level of stubbornness.

Tetsujin1524d ago

I don't blame the hackers, I blame the scalpers. Buy a hard to find item for $60, sell it for $300+ = profit. Nintendo swears they didn't believe this would take off like it did (yeah, right), and just means they really don't know their own fanbase. My concern is how are they planning on handling the Switch if the same thing occurs.

InKnight7s1524d ago

60 bucks for classic console works with hdmi well sell like a cupcake, it price of a game and whenever gamers spent 2 months to 4 without a great game to buy they will buy this sooner or later everybody will get it if Nintendo keept it. But yeah its Nintotendo nothing right with their desicions.