Microsoft as 'Victim' Doesn't Work

From Cnet:
While acknowledging Microsoft is in a tough spot in trying to recast Windows after years of attacks from Apple, one ad executive said she is highly skeptical of Microsoft's new approach....

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-_-4079d ago

[[microsoft are trying so hard but are failing harder]]

Blip Blip4079d ago

Really? How many Windows PC users do you know?

DavidMacDougall4079d ago

The question should be ...

Really? How many Windows PC users do you know that are happy ?

thereapersson4079d ago

The REAL question here, is "How many Windows VISTA users do you know that are happy?"

AngryBot4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Because the OS and IE are filled with loopholes and bad designs. They send out updates almost every week to patch their last weeks stupidity and make the average stupid joe (like the guy above who claimed he was happy with windows) feel "secure" when in reality his OS is like a french cheese and all that shiat his comp updates is making his comp inefficient and his files like a fking maze. meanwhile they patch their last weeks hole but make two more holes every time they mess around.

In reality that stupid boy above is probably infected with several spyware and trojans that almost nothing can detect because it corrupted the filth called windows files.

Meanwhile every fking malicious software removal tool scan from MS detects nothing, every fking windows defender scan detects nothing, but your computer is becoming slower and slower and certain sites like semantec, panda, avg etc are all blocked away from you.

And meanwhile this dumb little kid still claims how he is "happy" with his OS.

You are happy only because you do not know how secure and happy other OSs are. There isnt exactly a lot of choice since MS OS is the only thing that gets released every once and a while!

In todays market, your computer is no longer safe. Agressive trojans, spyware, malware, adware, virusses are ever evolving and have become a PAIN in the ASS.

They monitor your behaviour, gather information and send them to advertising computers. They lure other trojans, other virusses and nasties to your computer, they hijack your computer, browser etc, they steal information, passwords, identities etc.

AngryBots advice:
- DO NOT use your computer to do secure things if your computer has been compromised.

- Your computer is compromised if it has not been secure from the very beginning (ie firewall, scanner, phisng filter etc from the moment you bought it).

- If you DL a lot of stuff on a "protected" computer or if your computer has been without protection for 3 weeks, you are already infected.

- You are infected even if future virusscanners do not find anything. Agressive trojans and spywares like Virtumonde, MS Juan etc cant be detected by 98% of the scanners out there and are an extreme pain in the ass to remove!

- Use your insecure computer to play agmes, download movies, watch files, browse internet etc only. DO NOT DO SENSITIVE ISSUES LIKE ONLINE SHOPPING, CREDITCARD INFO ETC ON THE COMPUTER.

- use storage devices like external HDDs, floppies, DVDs, Blu Rays, USB sticks etc to store sensitive information, school projects etc.

- Delete all sensitive data from your computer. Anything like identity, bankcards etc, must be deleted from your computer. They should be stored on external devices.

thereapersson4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

You sound like Bill Gates came to your house and raped you. You have committed personal attacks on me and that will not be tolerated; You have been reported as such. If you are dissatisfied with Windows, switch to OSX and quit your goddamn b1tching.

BTW, I am not just your "stupid average windows user", and currently run many counter measures to help slow down or prevent the surge of spyware and virus programs out there. I'm not sure if you recently got owned by malicious programmers, but please don't project your frustrations onto those who have nothing to do with them. You have no idea what I do on my PC, nor do you have any knowledge of the data that goes in and out of my home network.

Yes, of course IE and Windows have their security exploits; everyone knows this, and must take the proper precautions when using these particular pieces of software. There's obviously going to be a problem when someone logs onto the net without some sort of firewall or antivirus program, and even moreso when an ususpecting indivitual navigates to malicious websites and is ignorant to the amount of potential damage they can do to their PC if they surf unabated.

Also, it doesn't matter WHAT OS you run, because you are still at risk of having your information stolen. Anything you do on the internet, regardless of the source, is prone to attack. With the way you make it sound, you might as well pack up your computer, disconnect your internet connection, and go live in a cave somewhere to prevent someone from gaining access to your life.

Edit: Here come the disagrees. I should have known better than to post common sense in the open zone...

AngryBot4079d ago

I dont know who you are? Well you said you were happy with windows OS, thats about all I need to know. Youre a stupid kid who thinks he is smart when you are a clueless little 16 year old.

I lolled at your "countermeasures" comment. What kind of countermeasure out there right now can actually spot virtuemonde or any of the fking smitfraud family?

Dont talk to me like as if you know a lot of shiat, kid. You need to stfu and learn your place.

"countermeasures" rofl.

If Windows isnt such a fking loophole swisscheese, it wouldnt be so easy to infect computers, boy.

Now stfu mr "virusscanner" and "countermeasures" boy. Rofl as if your virusscanner can scan and remove half the trojans or spywares around.

juuken4079d ago

I actually agree with AngryBot. While XP isn't *too* bad, I honest to God hate IE and especially Windows Defender. Windows Defender never detects anything on my computer even when I know something is up. And I went through a crash on my computer so...yeah.

That's why I installed Kapersky on my PC. It weeds out everything. And I use either Firefox or Chrome. IE is a piece of sh*t. :/

thereapersson4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Comodo Firewall Pro, Hijack This, Peerguardian 2, Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad Aware PRO, BitDefender 9; Firefox 3 with Distrust activated (full option list checked); AShampoo Winoptimizer 5

Disabled wifi SSID broadcast, WPA-PSK encryption (128-bit)

I don't download sh1t I don't trust, and I always research programs before I run them. If i'm going to use Windows, i'm going to do it with some caution. The reason Windows XP suits me fine is because I do the majority of my PC gaming and media editing on my XP computer.

You can only pretend like you are trying to "pwn" me by making accusations without knowing me at all.

juuken4079d ago

reaper, you're entitled to your opinion as well so don't pay him too much mind. :)

militant074079d ago

Did anyone rape you and force you to get XP?!,You dont have to use Windows XP "IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, DONT BUY IT".

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Blip Blip4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I'm actually sick of watching Steve Jobs be a pretentious prick. I own a PC and his smarta** commercials don't make me want a Mac. They do make me picture him sitting by himself drinking and crying while drawing silly moustaches on pictures of Bill Gates.

FantasyStar4079d ago

Mac definitely gets its wins from smear campaigns on PC. I do feel that the TV-ads go too far sometimes and even advertise misleading messages *like that pizza bit*. Macs suck because they're not open-platforms like PCs are. I can build a PC with the power of a G5 Tower for less than half the cost of a new G5 Tower. I think some of them go for $1500 and only have a C2D Dual-Core in it?

kr90914079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Actually the base (pre-configured) model of the G5 comes with two quad-core xeon processors. But the price is also $2,799 instead of the $1,500 you had stated. Or you can remove one of the xeon processors and bring the price down to $2,299.

The comment about the pizza ad is actually true as well. Depending on where you are at. There are alot of college students that will get macbooks for college at the beginning of the school year. Im not sure about it being the #1 computer on campuses or anything but the gap between macs and pcs on college campuses is definitely closing.

MorganX4078d ago

I agree, and I think the ads work. Shows real people, which 95% of us are. Hmmm, kind of mirrors the historical marketshare 95/5.

Real people don't care about ads. Mac users, many of whom have superiority complexes and pay more for less, because Steve Jobs tells them they're getting more, react much more to ads that tell them what they want to hear than the rest of us, who evaluate the ins and outs of a product and then make our own decision.

Macs are prettier, and Vista needs to be prettier, but having owned 3 Macs, the PC is a better "computer." That's why people use it more than anything else despite its flaws. That and price and games.

Having said that, I just bought a Dell Hybrid Studio and it's great, especially media center. But the design is so slick, ugly old Vista is actually unworthy, except for when you're inside Media Center that is.

Proxy4078d ago

The majority of laptops at the school library are MACs...

But once I take my eyes away from the 6 people with Macs, I notice the 200+ PC's sitting all over the desks.

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-_-4079d ago

[[Very few,no one wants to buy microsoft things anymore]]

BLuKhaos4079d ago

thats why they steal it

cow moolester4079d ago

Really? Because there's about a billion PC users.

11 out of every 12 new Computer's sold are Windows so what were you saying about nobody wanting Microsoft things anymore?

Rhythmattic4079d ago

cow moolester

"11 out of every 12 new Computer's sold are Windows so what were you saying about nobody wanting Microsoft things anymore?"

As all OEM contracts point to windows....

What you need to ask if people had the choice of another "mature" operating system running on their hardware of choice , would it always be windows ?

Johnny Rotten4079d ago

my next PC is going to be a MAC, mainly because if I have to learn a new OS the MAC OS looks more fun.

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