GC Asia: Outsourcing is Dead

Edge writes: "At the Games Convention Asia in Singapore, Streamline Studios' chief executive Alexander Fernandez took the opportunity to inform an audience of developers that outsourcing in the videogame industry is dead.

"This right here is effectively the future of where the industry is going," he said about the way games will be made. "It's the Hollywood production model. I'm not saying we're Hollywood – but it's the Hollywood production model.

"Ten years ago, outsourcing wasn't even possible in this industry," he said. "Now we have outsourcing all over the world." And though Streamline was successful as a content service company – since 2002, they've had at least one title per year that was a platinum seller – Fernandez pointed out that the games business is changing, with studio consolidations, the rise of casual games, and mass-scale digital distribution inching closer to reality."

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