GameStop Manager: Staff "Given Less Hours" for Not Meeting Quotas

Over the weekend, an anonymous GameStop customer secretly recorded and sent
us their conversation with a GameStop store manager, who admitted that
employees are "given less hours" if they fail to meet the company's sales
quotas of used games.

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ameliabaz889d ago

Isn't that how evert business works? If you don't make budget, employees hours get cut.

888d ago
gamer7804888d ago

this is sorta how the real world works though, and actually if you don't meet sales quotas you sometimes are laid off even. Gamestop does need to address all this controversy though and make more employee friendly policies that still encourage sales. Something even as small as gift card bonuses or the like for exceeding quotas. Doing your job should be what is expected, go above and beyond that, give a bonus. Its pretty simple to have policies that are both employee, business, and consumer friendly at the same time. This is part of the reason amazon is so successful.

bluefox755888d ago

I don't see anything wrong with this, I'm not saying I agree with the way they run things, but any business will give their best employees the most hours. A lot of places would outright fire you for not meeting their quotas.

IamTylerDurden1888d ago

Who is spamming these Gamestop articles? My best friend manages a Gamestop and none of these nefarious things happen there, EVER. Not all stores are run by Satan.

yeahright2888d ago

Yes yes, but did your best friend buy a gorgeous new dodge after making $5825?
Jokes aside, gamestop just has a stigma about it now. even a normal business practice like this gets painted in a negative light

Goldby888d ago

if their quota's are based off of used games and not total games sold there is an issue.

i used to work at best buy, and we were never told to focus sales on the Dynex brand that Best buy owns or else our hours were cut.

their quota should be on games sold per shift, that includes new and used games. not just used games.

princejb134888d ago

I worked for GameStop between 2007-2009
And yes they do give their best employees the most hours. It's all about sales

Fishy Fingers888d ago

Obviously it depends on whether the targets set are actually achievable or not.

But sales (even in retail) is a cut throat business and it's not exactly a skilled profession where other staff are hard to come by.

Goldby888d ago

actually retail is a hard profession for some people to handle. i have been doing retail for the last 15 years and i finally left.

constantly being told no does have an effect on us, some more than others.
and actual retail is about connecting with the customer on level where they feel they can trust you, or at least what you are saying. you need to have interpersonal skills, proper vocabulary, knowledge as well as some sort of confidence, whether real or artificial.

if you are referring skills to something in school, than retail is actually a very skilled position. so skilled in fact that the best of the best keep all of their secrets to themselves

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