AH: Life with Playstation Review

G. Swaby: Ever since Sony announced this clever new feature, Gamers alike have been curious about what this neat addition will bring to the Playstation 3. Now after a couple of delays Life with Playstation is with us, so just how 'Life changing' is this feature for Playstation 3 owners?

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Solid_Snake6664504d ago

yea i thought that too wheres the review for folding at home?

Ozzyb4504d ago

Because this dilutes [email protected] enough for people to try reviewing it without sounding like they are opposing the research aspect of it. Imagine the lynching for anyone that gives [email protected] anything less than 100/100. lmao I once asked on here if it is possible to run [email protected] and LwP individually and I was practically attacked.

I think it's a neat application.. and I also don't think it requires a review. It is what it is.. clever.. and you'll probably pop in every once in while for the hell of it.

xhairs94504d ago (Edited 4504d ago )

I don't think he gets it.

The time it takes to boot up [email protected] and the time it takes to view the weather from a PC is beyond comparison. PC's running vista even take longer, not to mention the shutting down process on PC's that aren't running Vista. With the PS3 it makes for easier access.

I highly doubt this application was made for people to want to buy PS3's or get on their PS3 more often. I think this app was made for people to get into [email protected] more often than they do. I for one have never used [email protected] until today when I downloaded the update for LWP.

What people are missing is the fact that this is a way to start [email protected] The first step to everything is to get in. Once you're into LWP you're already [email protected] Why stop? If you only get on to check the weather today, why exit? It seems like such a waste, if you're just checking the weather for a good 5 mins, leave the playstation on -- it's [email protected] and it also has a 3 min AFK timer to set up an anti-burn screen saver, how much more do you want from this app?

My only concern with LWP was that my city and no city near me was listed in the weather this morning. I search around for a place to enter my zip code to possibly add it to the list but that was fail. With help from I don't see how this couldn't be possible in the future to add cities manually -- however I did see that more and more cities are being added. I like that, perhaps one day a city near mine will be posted up so I can get the real weather here instead of guessing about it from the weather way south of me :) lol.

fafoon4504d ago

While smoking a fatty
And listening to Orion by Metallica

Freezingduck4504d ago

But, this stuff is indeed fun going around the world each night reading headlines before I sleep

MAGNUM-RAM4504d ago

I play my custom music & smoke up too!
its gonna get updated like crazy & I love that Sony
got google & the weather channel supporting it!

No wonder yahoo dissed microsoft in their hostile bid.
ps3 is gonna have so Many apps like the iPhone.
playstation name is strong again. Each step quakes.
ps3 is really a global community. Forget peer 2 peer.
I'm playing online against the Asia , Europe , austraila,
south America & Africa!
Now I can quickly check the news reports & bring it up
in conversation. Its getting cold in new York right now
but the gamers in Miami are chillin. More reason for me to
shoot them in the head on socom.
ha ha!

Ozzyb4504d ago

"Its getting cold in new York right now
but the gamers in Miami are chillin. More reason for me to
shoot them in the head on socom.
ha ha!"

lmao! Good reason indeed.

Killakap4504d ago

its part of playstation, i dont see why not. You gonna get a few home reviews as well from people

xhairs94504d ago

Strange, Avatar's getting reviews too then? All I see is criticism because it is what it is...a rename.

negrito2114504d ago

i gotta admit, i never really liked the news cause its pretty much the same thing every day.but every since "life with ps" came out i have be on it and reading it since. man i love it. its tight being able to look at the new and weather while listening to some music and plus you can select the mood of the music to i love that. i like how it actually has night and day on the earth to.

and sony is gonna be updating it like crazy. czuse just today i have noticed that they have added more cities on there. give it a few months and its going to be pack with new cities.

KobeT244504d ago

yeah I was on it earlier and I realized they made the text size bigger on the news articles. something people wanted. their just gonna continue updating.

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