Retailer says NES Mini production has ended

According to two Scandinavian retailers, production of the NES mini has ended.


Nintendo has issued a statement saying that production of the NES mini will continue. The Nordic retailers cited in the article stand by what their distributor told them: that only two more shipments are expected.

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Nodoze1526d ago

WHAT??? Nintendo cannot be this stupid.

phallusitator1526d ago

The eb by my house said the same. It was a 'promo'. They stopped making them to push the switch sales. I haven't seen anymore available anywhere

1526d ago
frostypants1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I'm normally not one to promote gray market piracy, but if Nintendo is gonna pull this bullshit...a great alternative is a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie. $50 for a CanaKit or Vilros bundle gets you a Raspberry Pi 3, a case, microSD card, and a power supply. Throw RetroPie image on the card and away you go. And all of that part's 100% legal. The "gray" part is the ROMs themselves, but they're easy to come by.

No idea why Nintendo is doing this. So very stupid. They are sitting on a goldmine.

Goldby1525d ago

Good try rookie. But if you're gonna make a rip off of this site. At least put in a working search engine in it....

rainslacker1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Guess rookie doesn't know the finer points of internet domain names and how easy it is to find people who own them, including their name, address, phone number, etc.

Is this rookies site? I hope so. Been a while since I've done network security stuff.:)

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XanderZane1526d ago

Oh well. I won't lose any sleep over it. I still have my original NES with over 150 games. Actually getting read to start selling them all. Don't think I'll ever play them again in my lifetime. Wonder if anyone still wants the R.O.B. bot?

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RosweeSon1525d ago

I'm sure they will look at the prices of Mega man 1/2 and Jackie chan to name a few.

blackblades1526d ago

Ikr, they selling out people waiting on it and everything. Now they stopped the production.

CrimsonPheonix1526d ago

If they wanted to make more they'd have made more.

In other news last night I had a dream Sony announced a PS1 2 and 3 mini. I was amped then I woke up.

Rhythmattic1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


As you are a tosser in most cases , I imagine no one checked the link..
I did...... And its a big WTF !!!
Seriously, NG4 users have a look...
Whats going down with this website being N4G verbatim???
Im sure this is those scammers wanting you to log in Using your N4G credentials...

nitus101525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

But, But! People have now hacked the console so Nintendo has decided to pull the plug since we can't have those dastardly pirates using the NES Mini for non-sanctioned games.

It's a pity that no one told Nintendo that you can get NES, SNES, N64 and even Gamecube emulators legally that can run on pretty much any machine and operating system. Of course, it is not acceptable to download the roms which in the case of the NES are usually less than 0.5MB in size and for the SNES less than 3MB (ok there are some that are 6MB) in size.

Just think if you buy the Switch and the network service when it becomes available Nintendo will graciously let you have one NES or SNES game absolutely free for one month after all who needs the NES mini when you have a great deal like that. /S

Now excuse me while I put eye patches over both of my eyes so I can keep a lookout for those dastardly pirates. 😉

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1525d ago

"According to two Scandinavian retailers"

joab7771525d ago

Do you have to ask this question? This is a company that is still making consoles for games that are a blast to play, but have not evolved with the industry. People will argue but look at Naughty Dog. Crash Bandicoot to TLoU! While we still love Mario and Zelda, where the hell is our modern day Metroid or a new modern day IP. They decide what we want! And come hell or high water, they will continue making hardware to sell tons of software based on a few characters created almost 4 decades ago.

So, yeah! Nintendo would do this. Demand will skyrocket b/c we are nostalgic creatures, and they will release it again. They won't do the smart thing, just the thing that keeps us addicted to their product! The thing that keeps them kings of their own hill!

cash_longfellow1525d ago

Actually...yea, Nintendo is that stupid.

IAmLoki1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

There is an article saying it is not true.

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LAWSON721526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Thanks Nintendo! (if true)

Nodoze1526d ago

More like F Nintendo. Forced scarcity, short production runs, and scores of people that want but now possibly can NEVER buy this. The only beneficiary's here are the scalpers. The units they hoarded are now potentially worth even more. Placing a 59.00 retail unit at 5x+ the retail price. Translation now is that ALL future releases like this from Nintendo will be scooped up by scalpers worldwide. I mean think about it. If you managed a store...these units would never even see the shelves. Why would then when you can buy and then resell them for massive profit.

Honestly I am about done with Nintendo and their archaic ways. I love their software titles, but am moving on. My kids have PLENTY to play on PS4.

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opinionated1526d ago

"With the console being this popular, it begs the question: why would Nintendo ever end production?"

Artificial hype is one reason. I have a feeling that overpriced collectibles are going to be the gold standard from now on at Nintendo. They are probably getting ready to manufacture the snes mini and "I better hurry up and get one while I can before they move on."

I see a lot of limited time switch controllers and stuff like that. It's not uncommon at Nintendo already but I think they will start doubling down on that style of business. Low stock to add value, or in this case no stock. It's a hype generator.

badz1491525d ago

eh...they are going to rent out these games for free for a month each to their Switch network subscribers, remember? if they keep making this, how are they gonna attract people to subscribe?

opinionated1525d ago

You can play these games in an emulator for free. You can download every single old school Nintendo game in one zip file. The rarity and novelty makes them a collectible. They can sell fewer units for higher prices.

NohansenBoy1525d ago

Rentals still isn't the same as owning the games though, unless the service only costs $15 a year or maybe less if the known features are as subpar as I think they are with what we know.

NohansenBoy1525d ago

It'll probably give you a better experience anyway.

Gamist2dot01526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Here we go again. Now this thing will be selling at a ridiculous price on Ebay. Gouge away I guess.... smh.