Avid Gamer Review - Spore

Avid Gamer writes: "Big game, big promise, big concepts, big, big, big. You'll never see a game with a larger scope than Spore. Maxis have an unholy ability to print money. Will Wright's 'The Sims' ranks as the most popular PC franchise of all time. Sorry Euro Truck Simulator, it's just the way it is. Not satisfied with controlling a family / town of miniature people, Will Wright set out to create a game that spans the history of the cosmos. From microbe to a space-faring god, Spore charts the evolution of life. Years in the making, a hype machine larger than Grand Theft Auto and the promise to create anything and everything are big shoes to fill. Spore's finally arrived, but does it regenerate PC Gaming or condemn it to an eternity of broken promises?

You're the smallest thing on the planet. You're a single celled amoeba. You can swim, poke things with a spike and eat. Depending on your choice, it's either other creatures or plant life. The cell stage has a simple aim; eat, survive and evolve. Once you've grown to a suitable size, you shed the gills and grow legs. It's land time. The Cell Stage is the shortest and yet the sweetest. Its gameplay is as retro as it comes and the bright colours, background haze effects and 'run away!' tension all combine to start Spore off with a bang."

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