Remembering PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

As we make our way into 2017, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about games like Hitman and DOOM, which were really big surprises for me, because they somehow managed to capture the memory I had of the older games in their series, while not necessarily playing like them.

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CaptainSheep610d ago

I miss PSAS so much. I kept on playing it on my PS3 even years after it released and the online community was pretty much dead at that time so it was really difficult finding a match but the only people left who were playing it were mostly really good players. Made the matches much more fun. Really hope they release a PSAS2 with improvements.

NarooN610d ago

Played it a bit after launch when my cousin bought it. Four of us crowded around the screen playing it was a blast. I just couldn't forgive how they didn't include characters like Gabe Logan in the game. You could put two versions of Cole in the game and even Raiden from Metal Gear, but not Gabe Logan?

Outside_ofthe_Box610d ago

"I just couldn't forgive how they didn't include characters like Gabe Logan in the game"

This is it right here. The main issue with the game.

I personally didn't mind PSABR's gameplay, but understand that a lot of people didn't like it. But I also think that people would have been willing to over look it had the game had all the iconic PS characters in it. If you're not gonna put the popular characters in the game then it might as well not be a crossover and should just have an original cast to begin with.

I would only want a sequel if they can get all the popular PS characters in the game.

Mr Marvel610d ago

Who's Gabe Logan?

Sorry if it's a dumb question... I'll google him later.

spektical610d ago

just copy smash game mode.. the only kills via specials was incredibly annoying as you changed to pick only heroes with good specials.

S-Word610d ago

I'd rather forget it. It wasn't even half as good as Smash Bros.

Rodney25610d ago

This could be a great franchise and Sony is just sleeping on it. They need more money behind it to get those IPs associated with PlayStation reach out to the JRPG developers as well.

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