Home Manager says firmware 2.50, Home 1.00 set for October

PS3Fanboy writes: "A tipster from the Home beta took a snapshot of this recent thread in the beta message board. A bug affecting Home users got a response from the Home Manager, "TedtheDog." The bug currently freezes PS3 systems running the beta and also gives users sporadic Network errors. He says that the bug will be fixed in an upcoming system software update. "2.5 is what we're waiting for and 'October' is what I've heard, later October is my guess".

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chaosatom4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

LET firmware 2.5, include voice chat and cross-game invitations.

Ben10544080d ago

forget that screen capture thing in during all games

INehalemEXI4080d ago

Screen Capturing feature would be reaaal nice.

4080d ago
StephanieBBB4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

But srsly folks he has a valid point, don't get your hopes up too high because they might get crushed for the 3rd? time? I haven't kept the count.

But speculating does not hurt so carry on =)

SullyDrake4080d ago

After Home graces us, PSN will finally be the best online console service around.

And launching in the same month as LBP is absolutely brilliant. I wouldn't be surprised if they delayed it so much just to launch with LBP.

The PS3 reclaims the place that the PSX and PS2 formerly reigned as the best, most fully-featured, most interactive, and most fun gaming console around.

NipGrip4080d ago

And I will say it will not disappoint the majority of PS3 owners. Die-hard nitpickers, perhaps, can't please everyone. But overall the delays are very much worth it when compared to early shots and videos. The beta gives a very good idea of the foundation within and what can be done.

I want the US beta to get the NAMCO arcade like the Japanese version has :(

Final_Rpg4079d ago

dude, if they added those features I would be 100% satisfied by the software present in PS3. Or at least until they add new features that contain flaws for me to criticize.

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Johnny Cullen4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

It would be awesome if...

- FW 2.50 came out with in-game voice chat, cross game invites plus more
- Home came out
- LittleBigPlanet came out
- Bioshock came out

All on the same day! And considering Bioshock and LBP have dates in the UK, thats October 24th! You think Firmware 2.40 was a changing point in the console's direction, if what I just mentioned would have happened, it would be probably be the best single day in the console's history so far.

Drekken4080d ago

I've been saying open beta will come out with LBP - BELIEVE!

StephanieBBB4080d ago

That would be awesomeness overload. People would die from it...

King_many_layers4079d ago

cross game chat and invites are as high on my list as LBP and HOME, if they got those 2 features in 2.5 I would then be completely happy and would applaud Sony for taking notice.

Final_Rpg4079d ago

It would only make sense for it to come out simultaneously or before Bioshock and LBP as they both contain features that are used in Home. If it isn't out by then you will have a game that claims features that it doesn't possess as of yet. You know what that's called? Lying.

For that reason I think that we will be seeing home by next month, DEFINITELY.

Zip4079d ago

thats very lickly since its a friday, so we migth get it the thursday

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aiphanes4080d ago

Home 1.0, LBP, Bioshock, Socom, Fallout 3...firmware 2.50....

heyheyhey4080d ago

i know what you mean man, October is set to be a killer month

skynidas4080d ago

Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Farcry 2, Midnight Club, FIFA 09....October will be huge

Beast_Master4080d ago

Is it sad that I have Fracture and NBA: The Inside on my list for October as well?

King_many_layers4079d ago

I don't think it's sad, I don't think I'd buy either of them personally, but hey everybody has different tastes. The sooner people can realise this the better.
It's a shame that many will go through their entier lifes without realising this.

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Pain4079d ago

what ever shale they say then??

its ok bots with global warming and cheap toasters for heat maybe being Homeless for winter till M$ copies Home in XbOX 3 in 09/10 wont be so bad...

Sergeant Osiris4079d ago

vietbot gorillas?

all they do is knock the king of the hill when their own offering doesn't even make it halfway up. Go get a console that doesn't die, go get games that don't look liked polished xbox1 games and then come knock the one company that actually EXCITES any of us when it comes to next gen.

MS and their platoons of bots are the worst thing that has ever happened to gaming. Stop worrying about PS3 sales and worry more about why no one wants your boring console anymore. You better hope MS never takes over console gaming cause that will be the day more than half its market disappears and the rest move on to something else.

CyberSentinel4079d ago

....should be condemned.

Blind Lemmings, The War Is Over, You Fail.

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