Topware Interactive Sends 10,000 Copies of SpecForce to the Troops

Topware Interactive has announced that they have shipped over 10,000 copies of Chrome: Specforce to various branches within the US Military.

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Raoh4077d ago

Why does Topware hate our troops so much?

they are unpatriotic and need to be exposed as such

dxmnecro4077d ago

Well if you were in the desert and didn't have much else to play, wouldn't you take a free copy.

falviousuk4076d ago

yup just what the troops want after a hard days fighting in the desert against insurgents. a FPS shooter about fighting.

Send them viva pinata instead and let them chill out :-)

GlossGreen4076d ago

and I've been to Iraq. My wife asks me all the time why I play games like CoD4 if I've been to the sandbox in real life.

UnwanteDreamz4076d ago

Well y do you? I am just curious no disrespect intended.

GlossGreen4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

is one game that I play pretty often. It is a great game that plays really well. I didn't have any bad experiences in Iraq, if I had, I know I would think differently. But, it's just a game.

UnwanteDreamz4076d ago

Cool I like FPS too. Glad you made it out without having to bring back bad experiences. We can only hope more are as lucky as you. Take care. Killzone 2 is gonna be a can't miss if you have a PS3.

Bad_Karma4076d ago

I guess they can afford to do it ...after all the people they sued over that $hitty pinball game which IMO was a complete setup from the off so they don't deserve any credit or respect for this latest grasp at redemption .. IMO OFC :)