Ep. 97 – The Fractured Release Date | The Gamerscore Whores Podcast

In this weeks podcast we discuss the official Project Cars 2 announcement, Timesplitters Rewind teaser, FlatOut 4 announcement, Fallout 4’s 58GB texture pack, For Honor, Project Cars 2, South Park The Fractured But Whole getting delayed for almost a year, Plus the games we’ve all been playing. All this and more on this weeks show.

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March Madness Podcast Video Game Showdown

Starting with the top 128 best rated games on Metacritic and putting them head-to-head tournament style! The round of 16 for the March Madness Podcast. Vote for which games you think should go through!

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How important are narrative and lore elements to video games? | GETL Podcast

GETL Podcast says: "In episode 81 we discuss the interesting nuance surrounding narrative and lore elements within video games, and how this interactive medium is both a boon and a curse for lore junkies".

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The short answer is, it depends on the game and whether or not narrative is the focus. For example, maybe it's important to provide us with the social commentary that accompanies the fall of civilization as we come face to face with the dark side of humanity in the struggle for survival. On the other hand, maybe we just need to shoot zombies, and that's cool too. The videogame medium is versatile enough to allow for either approach, some combination of both, or something in between.


Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 375

As 2021 comes to a close, Brendan, Chris, Dayna, and Jordan look back on the year; the highs, the lows, and CGM's new GOTY nominations as voted on by our wonderful audience.

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