Mega Man 9 – Proto Man DLC On the Way

Capcom has revealed to GamesRadar today that Proto Man, Mega Man's mysterious robo-brother, will indeed be playable in Mega Man 9 via paid DLC. The materials we received say it'll arrive the week of October 6 for 200 Wii Points, 160 Microsoft Funnybucks and plain ol' $1.99 on PSN.

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Nitrowolf24080d ago

2 bucks for an 8-b1t character
i mean 2 bucks is nothing, but just to play as an 8 b1t charcter and have like 3 new attacks? i mean it should be free,

oh and why cant i use 8-bit and the right after that put down charcter???? it says im using bad words

ItsDubC4080d ago

Unfortunately, many scripts designed to censor bad words also occasionally mistake harmless text for malicious attempts at trying to bypass the system.

ChickeyCantor4080d ago

Yes all should be free....
When they ask money for such things you either pay for it or not.
Else we could claim everything Must be free.

If they add a stage pack ill be buying that for sure.

However...Protoman kicks ass

Lord_Ash4080d ago

$2 isn’t nothing you can buy 2 highly re-playable songs in Rock Band.

gano4080d ago

They make it for a limited time, it would feel like
a steal, but he is a 8-bit cat. 3 dollars more
would almost be the price of a game like ratchet and clank.
Had they really made the nes cartridge in the cardboard
box in 500 only, they could get away with a 40 or more dollar
price tag. Damn u capcom....

Product4080d ago

make bass playable for 2 dollars
wonder what other dlc there are.