Little Big Planet Around the World Release Dates Revealed + Pictures

O.k., here's the full list of release dates for little big planet around the world:

* America: October 21
* Europe, Australia & New Zealand: October 22
* UK & Ireland: October 24
* 80GB PS3 Bundle in Europe: October 29
* Japan: October 30
* 80GB PS3 Bundle in UK & Ireland: October 31

There will be a special limited-time DLC just for the launch to give a little bonus to those who will but the game early - a special spacesuit costume and a rare "I was there Week One" T-Shirt (pictures on the link).

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gaffyh4071d ago

Why does UK get it last?? The game is made in UK for God's sake.

Chris Hansen4071d ago

Sucks to be the people in the UK!!!
October 21 for us Americans!!!! SUCKERS!!!

godmoney4071d ago

It's only 3 days... who cares?

Japan is getting it last anyway ;)

popup4071d ago

How ironic. I live 35 miles from Media Molecule but 3000 miles from a shop that sells it on release day 1! I understand reasons why but find it funny and somewhat frustrating regardless...

godmoney4071d ago

I agree with you

It is funny

Sevir044071d ago

and you live 35 miles from MM, but 3000+ from the nearest store... you better have it devilered to your door then. ^^

StephanieBBB4071d ago

Dude If I lived 35 miles from media molecule I would take a cab over there, dress up as pedobear and just randomly drop in shouting. HAI GUYS!!

I think they might would let me play it pre-release then...

zo6_lover274071d ago

Could be shipping issues.

IzKyD13314071d ago

I wouldn't be complaining, you guys get the LBP bundle!

4069d ago
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theKiller4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

first week in europe is 700k
first week in north america is 600k
first week in in south america is 100k
first week in japan is 300k

all around 1.7 million first week, it could be plus/minus 300k

sales of ps3 of october will be 1 million world wide if not more!

xaviertooth4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

2M first week me guess!

KiddyBrownTurd4071d ago

LMFAO. that's it? each halo sold around 3 million day one.

so much for your savior exclusive!!! pooooooor non-game-buying movie buffs

Naked-Snake4071d ago

How the hell would Europe have more sales than NA?

Hentai4071d ago

Because Europe is sony land

zo6_lover274071d ago

More ps3's in Europe than the US, and what hentai said

TheColbertinator4071d ago

You hear that Australia? You dont have to wait a year for this game unlike a certain music game

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The story is too old to be commented.