Top 10 Overrated Video Games

Finally, a top 10 most overrated video games list without Grand Theft Auto IV and two Halo games in it. This is a solid countdown of the most overrated games of all time.

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OldWizard4080d ago

No GTA IV? Whats going on here?

RKRigney4080d ago

It's a good game. Deal.

Pain4079d ago

Halo 2
Halo 2.5..err 3
brute force
Fable 1
Too human
Gears of War
Blue dragon
lost odyssey
ninja gayden 2

4079d ago
GayStation34079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Killzone (oups, failed and flopped, sry)
God of war
God of war 2

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OldWizard4080d ago

At least all three Halo games aren't on this list.

RKRigney4080d ago

heh I'm guessing that that was a reference to this little gem:


JoySticksFTW4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Heck, I may give him Mario 64...

But RE4 and Tomb Raider? Really?

My favorite is RE2, but RE4 revitalized that series. And I still remember the eerie, lonely feeling mixed with absolute awe that I had when exploring the dungeons of Tomb Raider.

I think the Tomb Raider franchise went wrong when the makers forgot the "raiding tombs" part of the game, and had Lara getting into gunfights with other humans, instead of just fighting off wild animals, dinosaurs, and mummy-type demons.

Ozzyb4079d ago

Baaaaahhhh he got my clicky. After reading the list I realized it had no basis and he was just hit-hunting. Gunstar Heroes overrated? My a$$, that game is awesome.

kindi_boy4079d ago

this guy must be smoking something Prince of Persia is the most addictive game ever created.

Ridrick4079d ago

This game has been released in 1989 !! I bet that guys from old-wizard were wetting nappies in that time.

It was hit. Everyone loved it. Very innovative and complex platformer in time of release. Now Classic.

How can they say its overrated ??? Fail.

Revlis914079d ago

This guy is an idiot , Prince of Persia and Earthworm Jim were the coolest games back then ! Pop controls weren't bad they were challanging , if it jumped when you pressed the button it wouldn't have been a challange to complete the game in 60 seconds at all...

Hellgiver4079d ago

Gunstar Heroes is overrated? Bull! That was the first game I sought out for my genesis emulator. And it was the first game I DL'ed from Wii shopping channel.

Also, I have to disagree with Pokemon Red/Blue, Mario 64, and RE4 being on that list. All were absolutely brilliant. Mario 64 had sooooo much to do and had so many different challenges to be done in each single level that it kept your interest forever. It had the perfectionist aspect covered, as well as its own number of glitches and easter eggs that were always fun.

Pokemon Red/Blue was hours and hours of fun. If you had a gameshark, you could choose to change what was your starting Pokemon and then adventure through with whatever Pokemon you wanted. Regardless, it was always so much fun try going through with a different main Pokemon or with a different themed team. With the huge multiplayer teams? It was such a huge change and my friends and I spent so much time playing 6 v 6 with each other.

I won't argue as much about Earthworm Jim, since I don't remember it nearly as well, but I do remember it being one of my favorite SNES games. And that was without any input from reviewers or anything. It was just plain fun.

chasuk084079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

What a terrible list by a nobody website. All of those games except maybe 1 or 2 are classics. And come on !! I dont think anyone would aree that mario 64 !! was overrated. And pokemon, san andreas sonic and tomb raider.

And wtf price of persia is one of the best games ever !!

InfectedDK3873d ago

Mario 64 is one of the best games ever created!

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RKRigney4080d ago

Mario 64, Shining Force, and Resident Evil 4 on this list? Really? Wow. Prepare for controversy.

TheTimeDoctor4079d ago

seriously, the only purpose of this list is to get us doing exactly what we are doing right now. complaining about the list; wacky.

Stoneroses63004080d ago

Yeah man, if I saw another overrated games list with halo and GTA4 on it, I'd smash something.

Stoneroses63004080d ago

Getting a little sick of GTA4 on these lists...

Montrealien4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

It's a good franchise. Deal.

This list is just plain bad, Old wizard just proved he has no clue what he is talking about.