Pocket Gamer: Hands on with Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades

When people like what they hear, they demand an encore and that's exactly what's happening with Guitar Hero: On Tour. Following record-setting sales, Activision is giving guitar heroes what they want - more music. Guitar Hero: On Tour - Decades brings a new set of songs and a number of minor changes to this fast-growing franchise. Pocket Gamer is not entirely convinced, though, that everything players want out of this series is here.

Decades continues the music-making with new career options, venues, and songs. Instead of offering individual single player modes, you get three distinct careers following lead guitar, bass/rhythm, and guitar dueling. Lead guitar still takes the spotlight, although the new bass/rhythm track has you filling in for other bands. Playing bass/rhythm is unsurprisingly easier than lead guitar. Guitar duels, which had been separated into their own mode in the last game, now play out as competitive jams through the course of a structured career.

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