Layoffs hit Activision-owned Infinity Ward, Beenox, and others

A number of companies tied together under Activision Blizzard have fallen victim to a round of layoffs that hit 5 percent of the Activision Publishing workforce.

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boomtube1987637d ago

Of course it was good. Despite IW being best selling console game in 2016 and to the present. Infinityward has been home to the laziest untalented COD developers. They just copied what the last guy did and they did it very bad. The real Infityward died after MW2. What you see now with the studios are novice who do NOT know how to make a multiplayer game. Activision should just close it down. Its Infinityward is the Nokia of Game studios

MVGeneral637d ago

Can't blame the developers. It's the suits at Activision that push for a yearly release. And the devs are under pressure to make the game different than the other iterations but still stay true to the cod formula.

boomtube1987637d ago (Edited 637d ago )

@MVGeneral These studios have three years to make a COD u idiot. 3 YEARS. They used to have 2 years. Now they have 3 years. Within that 3 years of development they could have known that this future thing is getting old and boring if they followed the trend, Activision let these studios do what they wanted what ever era they wanted. Bad idea...They wanted future. They should ditch campaign. 3 years work on a MP game would be more than enough time. Since COD is mostly brought over overwhelmingly for its MP. MP is what should be its focus.

joab777637d ago

That's what happens when you don't live up to expectations and create the biggest selling game of the year...every year...forever...on the same engine...with the same a setting you probably didn't choose.

Profchaos637d ago

Guitar hero again. Two under performing cod titles in a row from infinity ward

StrawberryDiesel420637d ago

Activision have made billions from the franchise and the minute the new game doesn't break records (because we all knew that would happen year after year without any franchise fatigue setting in) they start laying people off. I totally get this is a business but their greed will be their downfall. They are trashing the COD IP and it's gonna catch up eventually. Hopefully these poor bastards find work. This is obviously a cut throat business and working on the years best selling game doesn't even guarantee anything. Pure greed.

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The story is too old to be commented.