TGR's Rumor Killers: Google buys Valve, Mass Effect Movie, and GH: Hendrix

TGR - "It's no secret that Activision loves milking the Guitar Hero franchise. Those fake plastic instruments and scrolling note charts have made the publisher a boatload of money, and they aren't about to stop making content while consumers are still walking around with cash in their pockets. Therefore, it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise that rumors are swirling that the publisher is hard at work on a Jimi Hendrix-themed Guitar Hero game.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this rumor is the source. This particular juicy tidbit comes not from some "industry insider" or loose-lipped developer, but rather from Slash."

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cain1414073d ago

I don't have any intention on buy a GH expansion pack if it continues to be packaged as a 60$ game...

Relin4073d ago

I would definitely buy that.

aubradley4073d ago

A Mass Effect movie eh? I'm not sure how I feel about that. I get the feeling it would be a major disappointment.

cain1414073d ago

I'm pretty sure it would tank as well, but if anyone can save video game movies, it's the guys who saved movies based on the commic industry...

thegamereviews4073d ago

Google buying a game developer, now that's scary

cain1414073d ago

I think the main thing they would want is steam...

gillman4073d ago

I don't see Valve really selling itself to anyone seeing as how it is making a good amount of money through steam right now.

I could see a Mass Effect movie seeing as how most of the game played out like that anyway.

Another Guitar Hero expansion? I can't really see that not being true as Aerosmith went on record as saying that Guitar Hero was their top grossing anything they have done ever.

ihaten4glol4073d ago

Google is going to take over the world. o__o

And a Mass Effect movie. I can totally see this, because I felt like most of the characters could be played by known actors/actresses the entire time I was playing.

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