Top 10 Most Beautiful Environments In Games

These games boast some of the most beautiful environments in video games.

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IamTylerDurden1665d ago

Is STEEP any good? It's half price on PSN atm.

Rimeskeem665d ago

I can say that's not a STEEP price.

I hear it's alright

665d ago
665d ago
Goldby664d ago

it feels very boring alone, and need to be played with other pople, the online requirement is a huge turnoff for me as well

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SolidGear3665d ago

I'm playing Mirror's Edge: Catalyst and wowser I love the environment and art direction! :D

redaxis665d ago

I can't believe uncharted 4 is not in the list.

alfcrippinjr665d ago

steep is worth picking up if your like snowboarding or ssx
its worth the money
the only downside is that its online only play
but for sure it does have a beautiful environments

Goldby664d ago

its not a very fun game to play alone, and the fact you still cant grand or slide in the game is a negative too

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